North Korea
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One of the pillars of Mexico's foreign policy is non-intervention; for which the country respects all governments, including North Korea.
Mexico City Subway Has New Director
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Two months after its collapse, the Mexico City Subway has a new leader.
Mexico to Reach 40 Percent of Vaccinated Adults
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Vaccine rollouts slowed down in June, while the economic reopening and educational activities resumed.
J&J Vaccine’s Expiration Date Encourages Donation
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J&J’s single-dose COVID-19 vaccine will soon arrive to Mexico’s border states after expiration concerns came to the spotlight.
Mexico´s Vaccine Agreements: An Overview
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Mexico has secured a complete COVID-19 vaccine scheme for its entire population. Find out the current progress of vaccination campaigns.
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The social programs, already stablished in Mexico, aim to create opportunities for Guatemala to tackle immigration.
Line 12.
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Mexico City’s Subway Line 12 had previously been thoroughly monitored and tracked and no worrying claims were made.
Metro Line 12.
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Line 12 has had controversies ever since it was inaugurated, here is a timeline.
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A Mexico City overpass collapsed last night killing 24 people and injuring 79. After the tragedy, some point to the subway’s poor infrastructure.
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