6-hour workday
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A new initiative of a six-hour workday is being explored by the Mexican Senate to improve employee’s wellbeing, happiness and productivity.
A Labor Market Defined by Scarcity Will Drive Up Costs
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Companies face growing labor costs in a market defined by scarcity, leading them to develop or fortify attraction and retention strategies.
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Home office became an emergency measure to keep companies going but now that it seems it is here to stay.
Godfrey Walton
President and COO of Endeavour Silver

We are going through the process of making our mines more efficient and productive. We started in Guanaceví, which was our highest cost mine in 2017. Once we achieve more efficiency at this mine, we will implement a similar program to enhance productivity at El Cubo and Bolañitos. We are trying to make our mining processes leaner as quickly as possible. We are simply trying to make better use of our equipment and people, which are our two biggest assets.

In light of the declining ore grade in existing mine sites and the search for larger reserves, companies are driven to maximize productivity on the…
Leif Lindholm
View from the Top
Leif Lindholm
Vice President for Mexico, Central American and the Caribbean
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