Vaccination Campaigns Threatened by Side-Effects
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After several accusations against the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, immunization campaigns slow down.
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Ángel Pedraza
Country Manager Mexico
Solenis is planning to strengthen its position in the mining market. Country Manager Angel Pedraza explains the company’s strategy.
Private Sector Health Workers Demand Vaccines
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Mexico’s COVID-19 death toll among health professionals is the highest globally, with doctors and nurses having to protest for vaccines.
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Waze can track how users move around the globe. Anasofía Sánchez, Director General of Waze Mexico, shares with MBN her mobility predictions.
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Marcos Pascual
Commercial Director
Pharmacies have been a constant support system for patients battling COVID-19, which makes vaccination essential for employees.
Vaccine Controversy: From Side Effects to Application
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Vaccination campaigns turned controversial after a video of a simulated vaccine application in Mexico City was shared on social media.
charging station
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Six years after establishing a relationship in Mexico, Nissan and BMW are still committed to the electrification of the country’s vehicle fleet.
 Samuel Ramos on Unsplash
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Tulum already reports a 200 percent increase in COVID-19 cases. Mexico prepares for a third outbreak after a year-long pandemic.
The Future of Shared Mobility vs Car Ownership
Mobility is changing fast to adapt to the evolving preferences of safety-minded consumers, discussed panelists at Mexico Automotive Summit 2021.
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