How to Address Mental Health Amid COVID-19?
A global pandemic has demonstrated that we can all be a support for other. Here is how to take care of mental health for you and those around you.
Multivac_IMG_2019_Bernd Schreiber
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Bernd Schreiber
CEO and Executive Director
MULTIVAC's focus on technology has allowed it to offer precise solutions that reduce packaging times and predict system failures in equipment.
Legal Background on the New Food And Beverage Labeling
News Article
How do the new changes to the General Health Law and NOM-051 can affect companies?
Guillermo González Director General Of Klöckner Pentaplast
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Guillermo González
Director General
Klöckner Pentaplast
Guillermo González, Director General of Klöckner Pentaplast, highlights the company's mission toward sustainable protection in packaging.
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Salvador Arceo
Director General
Plan Seguro
Creativity and digitalization are Plan Seguro’s top priorities as it strives to offer healthcare plans tailored to its users.
A Deaf Call For Unity In The Mexican Healthcare Sector
Weekly Roundups
Despite the public and private sectors declaring their will to cooperate, being on the same page is key to begin action.
Email use during pandemic
News Article
Email use has increased by 18 percent in Latin America during the pandemic. The use of chatbots and social networks has also increased.
Santiago Gonzalez  President of ANADIM
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Santiago Gonzalez
Despite the challenges in medicine supply brought by COVID-19, ANADIM has remained an ally to its affiliates and patients.
Mariano Martin  Director of Research and Practice LATAM at Wolters Kluwer
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Mariano Martin
Director of Research and Practice LATAM
Wolters Kluwer
Wolters Kluwer offers quality material for ongoing medical formation, breaking learning barriers for medical staff
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