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GCMA has offered some recommendations on how the government should approach the phasing out of transgenic corn and glyphosate.
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On Dec. 31, the government issued a decree to end the consumption of transgenic maize in Mexico, as well as the use of glyphosate, by early 2024.
Miguel Garcia-Winder
View from the Top
Miguel Garcia-Winder
Former Deputy Minister
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER)
Miguel Garcia-Winder left his post as Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development last October. In this interview, he looks back on this time
Cocao fruit
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Víctor Villalobos said agriculture would be key to recovery during the opening of the virtual World Agrifood Forum.
Maize field
Miguel García Winder was an advocate for sustainable agriculture. How did his departure from the Ministry of Agriculture impact policy?
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The National Council of Agriculture (CNA) has expressed its full disapproval regarding the Ministry of Agriculture’s decision.
Miguel Garcia Winder
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This was an eventful week in agribusiness and food, with austerity measures kicking in and the labeling reform now a reality.
Grapes on vine
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Mexican wines continue to surpass expectations on the international stage.
Weekly Roundups
Tech is growing its presence across the agricultural value chain as farmers face new challenges stemming from USMCA
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