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Guerrero has frozen money from the Mining Fund that could be released. Moreover, an initiative was presented to Congress to create a new mining fund.
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The state has US$67.2 million frozen that could be used to benefit communities if the government requests their release.
Weekly Roundups
Peñoles is among the Top Ten most ethical companies in Mexico and Grupo México seeks to acquire the largest mine in Spain.
Miguel Ángel Varela Pinedo
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Deputy Miguel Ángel Vera has sent an initiative to reform the Federal Law on Rights, which would reactivate the Mining Fund.
Miguel Ángel Lucero
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Mining in Protected Natural Areas, consultations, digitalization and the Mining Fund are top priorities, says Sen. Lucero.
Weekly Roundups
Dig into the week’s most important mining news, including Ganfeng Lithium’s plans to build a battery recycling plant in Sonora.
Mexico Mining Forum
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Although the Mining Fund was made so companies could give back to communities, a reform led by the federal administration has shifted its purpose
David Wolfin
David Wolfin
President and CEO
Avino Silver & Gold Mines
Mexico’s mineral resource is widely untapped but the right investment incentives could open the floodgates to local investors and greater development
Octavio Alvídrez
View from the Top
Octavio Alvídrez
Fresnillo plc
Fresnillo plc is the world’s largest primary silver producer and Mexico’s largest gold producer. It has seven operating mines, all in Mexico, two…
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