Diabetes’ Burden on Mexico
The health and economic impacts of diabetes have brutal consequences in Mexico. Since 2016, both figures have increased concerningly.
A Sector Moving Forward With High Expectations
Weekly Roundups
More changes to the public health sector’s organization and promising developments against COVID-19. This is the Week in Health!
Main Contenders Currently in the COVID-19 Treatment Race
News Article
Possible COVID-19 treatments have been tested around the world. Here the most recent findings and status of these drugs.
Scientific Developments Blooming Against COVID-19
Weekly Roundups
The scientific community takes a stand this week as developments start to bloom
COVID-19 fight medical staff
Weekly Roundups
Everyday means a step closer to the end of this sanitary crisis as global efforts on science and medicine are all focused on combating this virus
News Article
COFEPRIS has now joined global efforts to find a treatment against COVID-19
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Pfizer, Novartis and Roche are among the list of pharmaceuticals actively searching for a possible treatment to end the COVID-19 pandemic
Analysis chart Techonology
Healthcare 4.0 employs much more complex and advanced technologies, including Big Data, augmented and virtual reality, chatbots and IoT, and will…
Innovation is at the core of every pharmaceutical company’s success.
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