Natural Gas Station
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Sempra Infrastructure and CFE announced several agreements to develop LNG infrastructure in the country amid rising global demand.
Sunset at factory
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The IDB will launch financing packages for companies that want to move their operations to the Interoceanic Corridor.
Construction of a pipeline.
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CFE announced the partnership with TC Energy to build an extension to the Tuxpan underwater pipeline to Coatzacoalcos, amongst other projects.
Raúl Huerta
View from the Top
Raúl Huerta
Director General
ASIPONA Salina Cruz
ASIPONA Salina Cruz’s Raúl Huerta outlines plans for current projects, including commercial port modernization.
Dos Bocas Refinery
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During the anniversary of his electoral triumph, López Obrador will inaugurate the Dos Bocas refinery in his home state of Tabasco.
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The recent oil spillages reported in Salin Cruz are also affecting the activities and economy of fishermen in the region.
Octavio Romero Oropeza
Weekly Roundups
With the international increase in crude prices, the NOC is facing pressure to repay debts with its own resources as the Treasury pulls funding.
 STPRM members
A wave of walk-outs and sit-ins has engulfed PEMEX facilities across the country in protest of deteriorating working conditions.
Construction at Dos Bocas
Weekly Roundups
The construction for PEMEX’s Dos Bocas Refinery has increased by US$900 million so far.
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