Contracting with Operators: Demand Outlook
Marcos Ávalos’ presentation addresses the new methodology that defines the amount of national content in upstream oil and gas operations.
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Marcos Ávalos outlines the Ministry of Economy’s efforts to create clear policy as a boon to local content.
Eni Tabasco
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The company sent 10 ventilators and 700 PCR test kits to help the state where it operates.
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OCGI pushes oil majors to the fore in the fight against global warming.
salomon saba chief business officer walworth group
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Salomón Saba
Chief Business Officer
Walworth Group
"We have experienced no major gaps in our supply and production lines. Our supply chain has thankfully remained solidly reliable"
offshore platform
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A new study by Cayros Group challenges current assumptions regarding which contracting model works best for Mexican E&P.
Carsten Röhl
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Carsten Röhl
Rheinmetall Mexico
Head of Rheinmetall Mexico gives an insight on how the company adapted its international practices to the Mexican environment.
julio gomez
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Julio Gómez
Vice President of Strategic Accounts
Ikon Science
This article discusses helping companies understand in the simplest terms where to drill their next well.
Eduardo López
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Eduardo López
Regional Vice President Mexico
Anixter explains its commitment to securing the safety of physical and digital assets for industry players.
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