Flexible Benefits: A Revolutionary, Social Responsibility
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Flexible Benefits: A Revolutionary, Social Responsibility

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Ricardo Migoya - Maslow


Q: How does Maslow’s commercial proposition intersect with identified market needs in the Mexican market?

A: The company’s value proposition is to provide flexible benefits for employees in a world where the services offered by employers are rigid and do not reflect the work and necessities of their employees. Maslow is looking to reinvent the labor market through its platform, where each employee can choose the benefits they want and use them whenever they want. We have seen, not only in Mexico but in Latin America as a whole, that both modern and traditional companies are undergoing a transformation not only digitally but also in terms of social responsibility, so we are fully focused on providing flexible benefits, which are part of this daily conversation. This is where Maslow provides a solid solution.

Q: Maslow offers individualization based on 20 possible interest verticals. Why is this important to its business model? 

A: These options give our customers the option to choose between supermarkets, retail, streaming and other sectors in which they can redeem their benefits. For example, our clients can choose whether to spend their benefits in a great variety of stores, from Spotify to Amazon to Zara. They are not limited when using their benefits. In most cases, companies can readily incorporate our portfolio but for companies that need special benefits, we also offer on-demand services in which a specialized team is in charge of negotiating with each partner so that Maslow can address all the needs of that company.

Q: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a popular model that explains the motivations behind how people act. How is the company's services based on this foundation?

A: Maslow’s pyramid represents all the different needs that every human being has throughout their life. We chose this name because through our service, we seek to provide solutions that meet all the needs of workers. Often, the employee does not use the benefits provided by the company since it does not link those benefits to the real needs of the associate. Our company offers over 20 verticals from which the employee can choose the benefits that best suit him.

Q: How has Maslow approached clients with its value proposition and why should they care about accessing a marketplace of benefits?

A: Because the platform is very easy to use, friendly and intuitive, it can be quickly incorporated by any client in less than a day. Each client, or the administrator for each client, whether it is the owner of the company or its human resources director or manager, or even several administrators, can manage the platform and the benefits chosen by their associates through a process that is transparent for everyone within the company.

Q: Do Maslow’s clients only use their services through the company’s web page?

A: Our platform is a software as a service (SaaS) that provides for two types of entry points. First, the software can be plugged into any CRM or any other platform that our customers and business partners use, which means that they can reach Maslow’s services through their company’s specialized platform.
The second method is through our platform. Every customer has their own unique username and password so they can directly enter the market and use the dashboard and all of Maslow’s functionality from their personal cellphone or computer.

Q: How do you assess the attractiveness or success of a certain benefit and how frequently do you revamp Maslow’s offering?

A: Maslow is 100 percent based on analytics and data. We provide this information to our clients so they can see what their employees are focused on and what type of benefits are most used. We suggest that our customers analyze that data so the user or the administrator can see the trends within their business. This allows companies to understand the needs of their employees and, from that, create strategies that lead to better plans and benefits for their associates.

Q: What do you consider to be the greatest challenges for revolutionizing HR departments across industries in Mexico?

A: First, and what we are advocating for, is the incorporation of flexible benefits so that employees have something they can use, rather than having a benefit they will never use. Second, the acceleration of the digital transformation means companies can incorporate a software platform that provides a digital credit, which can then be converted into something tangible. 

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