MBFWMx; ‘Mandela Effect’ Premier This Week
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MBFWMx; ‘Mandela Effect’ Premier This Week

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Emilio Aristegui By Emilio Aristegui | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 04/28/2022 - 13:05

This week, Mercedes-Benz reaffirmed its commitment and support to Mexican creatives and new talent currently seeking to position national fashion. MBFWMx will feature Colectivo Diseño Mexicano on its catwalk, a platform that promotes well-known and emerging Mexican designers by disseminating brands in different formats.  

“I think that the support that fashion week gives to emerging brands is very important. Zurce will practically be launched with this parade and somehow, thanks to the platform, we will be able to achieve many things that perhaps we could not do alone”, Zurce’s Founder XXX told Círculos.

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“Mandela Effect” Premieres

After five years in production, “Mandela Effect” will arrive in Cinepolis theaters. The movie celebrated its red carpet in Mexico City this week. “(It is) a symbiosis between technology and the spiritual world,” said Eduardo Arroyuelo Woolrich about the movie.

Queretaro: GE Innovation Hub

“We have agreements with universities to have what we call internships where students from various universities come with us and do their professional practices,” explained Fernando Alcántara, Product Quality Engineer, General Electric,.

Mexico Talent Forum Fast Approaching

The most pressing talent management trends will be discussed during Mexico Talent Forum 2022. The event will also cover the long-term opportunities of this sector, including digitized HR functions, AI-based recruitment and salary on demand, demonstrating that tech and innovation are helping both employees and employers.

Mexico Talent Forum, now hosted on Zoom, will break geographical barriers and welcome global industry leaders, while simultaneously minimizing COVID-19 related risks or possible outbreaks. The event is organized by Mexico Business, which hosts conferences on Mexico’s most important industries. In 2021, the company welcomed 2,136 industry-shaping companies and 758 speakers to 13 industry-leading conferences.

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