Pensioners to Receive Half of Christmas Bonus Early
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Pensioners to Receive Half of Christmas Bonus Early

Photo by:   IMSS
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Thu, 11/04/2021 - 17:23

IMSS has announced an added benefit for its associated pensioners: one half of their Christmas bonus will be included in the deposit corresponding to their November pension payment. If this sum has not yet appeared on their account, pensioners are advised to demand it at their local IMSS clinic, reports Televisa News. This measure was announced to promote increased early holiday spending, especially given the scheduling of shopping holiday “El Buen Fin” in November.  

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Outsourcing in Banking Sector Plummets

Data released this week by Mexico’s National Banking Commission (CNBV) reveals that, as a direct result of the labor reform’s implementation, the banking sector has reduced its outsourced personnel by 27.5 percent, from 120,040 to 86,940 employees contracted under this model. The reform began enforcing its new regulatory mechanisms this September, so this decrease is expected to continue as more companies adapt to the new rules, reports La Razón de México.

Labor Shortage Leads to Meat Price Increase

The US meat industry announced this week that sustained labor shortages will lead to meat price hikes. The US labor shortage has had a particularly severe impact on the meat industry given its notoriety for grueling working conditions and COVID-19 outbreaks, reports Bloomberg. Companies in this sector are now offering up to US$3,000 signing bonuses for new recruits in response to the shortage.

Alliance Aims to Boost Human Talent in Automotive Industry

Nuevo Leon Automotive Cluster (CLAUT) and Lean Six Sigma International (LSSI) have allied to train specialized talent in the automotive industry to improve its quality and optimize companies’ production costs in the region. CLAUT’s Human Development Committee aims to strengthen human talent through best practices, teamwork, experience and talent. Among its multiple objectives, the committee focuses on the development of certification standards. To achieve this, the cluster allied with LSSI, a strategic accredited partner with the technology to offer training at a viable cost for all affiliates and external companies. The alliance will launch the Agents of Change - Lean Six Sigma training program, which focuses on automotive industry specialization that will allow a talent to become certified in this methodology.

Elenas Becomes Mexico’s First Social Selling App

Colombia-based Elenas, which claims to be the first social selling app in Mexico, now has over 60,000 users. The app targets women who sell through social media and claims to allow users to triple their earnings against those who use printed catalogs. The app offers a digitized catalog sales solution aimed mainly at mothers and young women in Mexico and Latin America who seek to have an extra income working from home. The model, claims the company, allows users to sell without traditional catalogs by allowing them to create a virtual store without investment or any operational charges.

Photo by:   IMSS

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