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Upskill to Empower Future Workforces

Raphael Spinelli - Udemy
Director Enterprise Sales in Latin America and the Caribbean


Anmol Motwani By Anmol Motwani | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 10/23/2023 - 10:59

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Q: Udemy offers 210,000 video courses taught by industry experts. How does the company decide which courses to add to the platform?

A:. Unlike conventional e-learning platforms, Udemy offers a marketplace with a community of over 75,000 real-world expert instructors, all of them willing to monetize their knowledge. Furthermore, the platform  provides these instructors with valuable insights into market demands, empowering them to create courses tailored to learners' needs.

Instructors, driven by the motivation to succeed in Udemy's competitive marketplace, actively engage with the platform's 64 million learners. They have access to detailed reports outlining the skills in demand, ensuring that the content they create remains pertinent. This active participation fuels their commitment to delivering up-to-date and positive learning experiences. Udemy’s agile approach allows instructors to continuously upload and update their content, ensuring it remains current in rapidly evolving fields like technology, innovation, leadership and collaboration.

Udemy employs AI-driven social curation, in which learner ratings, comments and interactions with courses significantly influence visibility. Courses garnering positive feedback and high ratings are prominently displayed to users seeking relevant content. This dynamic system ensures that the courses featured on the Udemy platform are not only taught by industry experts but also meet the criteria of being pertinent, high quality and regularly updated. Udemy curates top courses from the marketplace into the Udemy Business catalog for enterprises to leverage with their employees.

Q: What quality assurance system does Udemy use to ensure that the content's quality is consistently maintained?

A: Udemy learners have access to over 210,000 courses through our marketplace, of which 24,000 courses are curated and available through our corporate solution, Udemy Business.  Udemy Business implements a comprehensive quality assurance system. In addition to advanced technologies automatically flagging content for review, we have a dedicated content team that evaluates the content, ensuring that it meets certain standards. Efficient automation systems facilitate this process, contributing to the high quality of educational materials on our platform.

Q: In Mexico, where digital infrastructure development is uneven, how does Udemy ensure equal access to its courses?

A: In Mexico and Latin America, where digital infrastructure development varies, Udemy addresses the challenge of unequal access through innovative solutions. Despite ongoing connectivity gaps, Udemy provides opportunities for learners by offering access via mobile applications. This is especially significant considering the widespread ownership of smartphones, even in areas with limited laptop accessibility. Through our offline-capable Android and iOS apps, learners can download course content when connected to Wi-Fi. This downloaded content can then be accessed at the user’s convenience, whether during commutes or in locations lacking Wi-Fi or mobile data coverage.

Q: What partnerships has Udemy established in Mexico and what upcoming partnerships are coming?

A:. Udemy tactically establishes partnerships with key allies, such as with AWS. Udemy stands out as a crucial platform, providing AWS, Google Cloud and Azure certification preparations. It has become the preferred choice for professionals seeking certification preparation materials and those looking to stay up-to-date on skills and industry advancements.

Udemy remains committed to exploring partnerships that streamline business processes and expand market reach. The company actively evaluates potential alliances focusing on mutual benefits and leveraging the established market presence of its partners.

Q: How do diversity and inclusion factor into this culture of innovation at Udemy?

A: Diversity and inclusion are not just words at Udemy; they are ingrained in our organization's culture. We embody these principles in our hiring and leadership practices. Equal pay and diversity are not empty slogans; they are woven into our everyday operations. We also advocate for "deal hours," a specific time midweek where employees are urged to disconnect from emails and work distractions. This dedicated hour underscores our belief that learning is an essential part of work, seamlessly integrated into our daily routine.

Q: What key labor trends in Mexico do you believe will be fundamentally influencing employers decision-making in the coming years?

A: In Mexico and Latin America, there is a significant opportunity arising due to both internal and external factors. The region is becoming increasingly attractive for investment, leading to the creation of well-paying jobs. The emerging trend of new sharing models is reshaping industries and demanding a specialized skill set. Employers are recognizing the need to rapidly upskill their workforce to remain competitive, especially with the influx of standardized and certified organizations entering Mexico.

Companies are realizing the importance of in-house upskilling, especially in areas like lean manufacturing and generative AI. This shift is driven by the understanding that relying solely on external talent acquisition is a short-term solution. Skills are evolving rapidly, as we feature emerging skills in Mexico on a quarterly basis, making long-term external talent dependence unsustainable. Hence, businesses must adopt agile learning and skill development approaches to ensure their employees remain prepared for the swiftly changing demands of the future.

Q: How important are learning platforms as Generation Z enters the workforce?

A: As Generation Z enters the workforce, effective and flexible learning platforms become essential. Professionals struggle with time constraints and the need for focused, diverse learning. Udemy has adapted its platform to the fast-paced lives of professionals, allowing them to manage education amid busy schedules. This flexibility is integral to modern education. Udemy's approach, enabling concurrent enrollment in multiple courses, prepares Generation Z for leadership, technical and professional skills 

Events like Udemy’s FWD 2023 play a pivotal role because they provide a platform for Gen Z professionals to engage with cutting-edge educational resources and industry experts. This proactive approach not only meets the immediate learning needs but also ensures that professionals are equipped with the leadership skills necessary to thrive.

In today's digital era, businesses are at a crucial juncture of digital transformation. The widespread adoption of generative AI is reshaping the business landscape. Companies that fail to prepare their workforce risk falling behind. Access to learning tools and current, pertinent content has become a necessity, not a future consideration. This transformative shift is happening now, demanding immediate action from organizations. Udemy offers innovative products like our skills platform to support employees and employers on this learning journey.

Photo by:   Udemy, MBN

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