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Demystifying Digital Transformation Barriers

Selene Diez Reyes - Forte Innovation Consulting
Director General


Andrea Villar By Andrea Villar | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 08/19/2020 - 09:12

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Q: What added value does Forte Innovation offer to companies looking for a digital transformation?

A: Forte Innovation was born more than seven years ago with the purpose of helping companies to better use technology to generate investment returns and to develop or integrate high-impact results through technological investments. We put special emphasis on the generation of knowledge, on the continuous improvement of our processes and we integrate concepts from different consulting and strategic methodologies related to IT projects. We have a multidisciplinary team, with more than 15 years of experience in the development and implementation of technological solutions.

Our clients have helped us to be more sensitive to change and companies’ needs in terms of IT. We promote innovation for knowledge generation, business models and the adoption of methodologies to accelerate the achievement of results. Our purpose is to generate value for our clients and to promote knowledge within our work team, made up of software engineers, analysts, consultants and even mathematicians. We pay attention to detail and use a methodology that helps us generate a panoramic vision of our clients’ needs.

Our service is especially geared toward the entire cycle of digital transformation, from strategic consulting, where we tackle high-impact projects in both the public and private sectors, to data mining. We not only seek to develop software but also to add value through work and consulting services. We also pay attention to the technological assets of companies and the data they generate. At Forte Innovation, we know that information is the most important factor for getting the most out of technology. In recent years, we have developed data mining-oriented projects that have allowed us to implement data visualization solutions and predictive models accompanied by machine learning.

Q: How do you identify your clients’ needs and what is the most complicated part of doing that?

A: The most complex part of a digital transformation initiative is to have the company's senior managers embrace it. We need our strategy to be connected to the client's business objectives. We have a great deal of experience in strategic IT management and we know that when a company is convinced about its digital transformation, its strategic plan must be transformed in the same way.

The first step is to carry out an immersion process that helps us identify and recognize the state of the organization at the moment we arrive. Then we develop a discovery process, which involves identifying the organization's objectives, gaps and opportunities, as well as identifying which initiatives would be of high impact to the company. From then on, we design a technological road map parallel to the client's strategy.

Q: How can the company make technology transition easier for companies that are not used to advanced levels of digitalization?

A: It is always a challenge. Although there are sectors that already have the necessary mindset for a digital transformation, others are more resistant to implementing this process. In Mexico, most companies are SMEs, which have large gaps in terms of digitalization. At Forte Innovation, we break stigmas regarding digitalization, such as the cost or maturity required of a company to start its digitalization process. At present, budget is no longer a barrier for a company to start its digital transformation.

A current example is the e-commerce strategy we have implemented with different companies. Also, in April we launched vendere.mx, a marketplace to support SMEs in times of COVID-19. We hope that once we have overcome the pandemic, companies will continue these efforts for the long term. 


Forte Innovation is a consulting company focused on innovation and technological development in Mexico and Latin America. Its services range from custom software development to strengthening ecosystems of digital transformation and innovation

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