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Education is Key in Times of Volatility

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Wed, 06/15/2022 - 18:05

Global economies are experiencing simultaneous pressures and transformations; to minimize the potential impact of these changes, individuals and companies alike are turning to education. This realization has led to a proliferation of educational platforms, services and the exchange of insights.

In international news, Amazon entered the augmented-reality market with the launch of their try-on feature for shoes.


This week in Technology news and developments:



Ualá Launches Financial Education Platform in Mexico

The market has suffered several shocks that have hurt the purchasing and saving power of Mexican consumers, thereby generating a need for greater financial literacy. Argentinian fintech Ualá has sought to nurture this appetite with a free-to-use financial education platform.


SoftBank Launches Edu Series on Web3 Foundations, Applications

In preparation of the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies and the accelerated development of Web3, SoftBank Group Operator School (SBOS) launched an educative series directed at business leaders to help them unlock the potential of Web3.



Evaluating Technology Suppliers: How to Know Who to Work With

Identifying and sourcing a technology supplier that matches individual business can reduce time and costs, explained Angel Israel Gutiérrez, CTO, A3Sec. However, companies should carefully evaluate their technology providers to ensure they fully meet their needs. “The objective of an evaluation is to identify those suppliers that best meet those characteristics or indicators that you have identified as essential to achieve success in the execution of your project or service,” said Gutiérrez.


SAS: Digital Twins Help Companies to Prevent Crises

Prototypes have long-served as a foundational tool for innovation, helping engineers identify and understand faults. Digital twin technologies replicate this function and augment predictive analysis with real-time data, explained Richard Widdowson, Vice President Global Retail and CPG Solutions, SAS.


Cybersecurity: Lessons from Finland about Policy and Technology

In an era of hyperconnectivity, cybersecurity has become of paramount importance for countries, businesses and individuals. A comparative case study of Finland points out important lessons and opportunities that Mexico can adapt to fortify its cybersecurity ecosystem, explained Juan Pablo Romero, Senior Advisor (ICT) for Mexico and Central America, Business Finland.



Amazon Enters AR Shopping with Virtual Try-On for Shoes

E-commerce giant Amazon is entering the augmented reality (AR) field with the introduction of Virtual Try-On for Shoes, an interactive experience that allows customers to use their mobile phone’s camera to visualize how a pair of shoes will look while worn, informed the company.

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