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Orange Investments: Building a Proptech Sector from Scratch

Carlos Rousseau - Orange Investments
Co-Founder and President


Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 02/22/2022 - 09:25

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Q: How does real estate as-a-service (REeaS) offer clients “transcendent” value-added real estate solutions?

A: It is a new way of looking at the real estate industry that above all looks to enhance the service and experience of the user, mainly through the use of technology to provide flexible and on-demand solutions. The traditionally analog real estate business model has become outdated in the digital age but technology adoption has lagged behind in Mexico.

The relevant market tools exist and have proven to be successful in mature economies; therefore, as the industry faces various challenges from country to country, it is imperative to use the tools at our disposal to build a system that evolved from software as a service to create a more competitive market. In recognition of this market opportunity, Orange has bet on its development here in Mexico and throughout Latin America.  


Q: What data are clients most interested in acquiring?

A: Our client portfolio is diverse. We work with investors, developers, companies, offices, governments and even families. Across the board, these stakeholders are looking to maximize the profit from their active assets. Orange Investments helps its clients optimize their profit margins by the means of our Open Innovation methodology, which looks for the best tools to address their unique business case.

Our proven methodology has been perfected over the years through academic study and the support of local partnerships that provide localized knowledge and connections in the region. This ongoing work has allowed the company to find success and to continue expanding our services to regional hotspots in Latin America through franchising.


Q: How have Orange’s strategic alliances aided the company’s work and growth?

A: The real estate market has always been characterized by a tendency toward local segmentation, which, in turn, requires specialized knowledge. Therefore, in the context of Latin America, which has an added layer of uneven bureaucratic processes and customs, a network of regional market players is a common-sense strategic program for all participants involved.


Q: What technology solutions has the company brought to Latin America’s nascent proptech sector?

A: Orange Investments is fully committed to digitizing the real estate process and supporting the development of a more competitive proptech sector in Latin America. Our broad portfolio of technology solutions has already begun to revolutionize local real estate economies. Our construction system, for example, makes the building process more efficient by coordinating its development among all parties to avoid mistakes. On the real estate side, we are developing a digital arm dedicated to organizing the market at a local, macro and continental level. To make financial transactions more secure we utilize blockchain and token technologies. We are also using data to strengthen the wellness of residents.

Overall, as these examples indicate, there is so much potential in the proptech sector and as part of a long-term development strategy for the sector, our goal is to partner with a venture capital firm to invest in new proptech companies in the region.


Q: How was the company affected by the market disruptions over the past two years?

A: The COVID-19 pandemic actually gave us a competitive advantage over our competitors because even before its arrival, we were already utilizing digital tools and remote work to support our operations. In contrast, our analog competitors struggled to overcome the digital learning curve and adjust their operations accordingly.

Moreover, since most of the development projects in our portfolio were already underway, they remained on-course with minimal disruptions while those that were mid-construction just needed to refinance. Thankfully, we were also able to build our client base, many of whom mainly sought us out to reconvert their assets and or to help them refinance their active projects. Our digital focus allowed us to pivot quickly and turn an offensive strategy into a defensive strategy quite seamlessly.


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