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Tailor-Made Digital Transformation

José Luis Martínez - SolbiZ
Director General


Jan Hogewoning By Jan Hogewoning | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 02/18/2021 - 05:00

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Q: What added value does SolbiZ offer to companies going through their digital transformation?

A: At solbiZ we are experts in putting the customer at the center of the business using technology as an enabler. Our methodology is based on understanding the core business of companies and determining the needs of consumers to identify growth opportunities, implementing digital transformation solutions and innovating Marketing Automation, commercial and customer service models that enable a customer-centric culture. solbiZ’s goal is to innovate so companies can take care of and maintain their clients through an exceptional customer experience. 

Data and analytics, reporting and artificial intelligence are a must in our solutions. At solbiZ, we know that what is not measured cannot be improved. There is no point in having a CRM, CX or Marketing Automation solution if statistics are not analyzed to make better decisions. For us, a Digital Transformation strategy comprises five components: the employee, the customer/prospect, business processes, the appropriate platform and KPIs, which are the key indicators that each company generates to measure sales, performance, profit and customer service, among other things. 

We have alliances with several business partners. DocuSign, with whom we resolve processes that require a digital signature and contract lifecycle management. Salesforce, which is a platform focused on customer relationship management, customer service, marketing automation and even e-commerce. Zendesk, which evolved from a service management platform to a customer experience platform. Also, MailUp, with whom we implement advanced marketing strategies by e-mail, SMS and messaging apps. Finally, ivanti, for those companies that need to implement an ITIL platform (set of best practices and recommendations for IT Service Management). 

Every customer needs a tailor-made solution. The solutions cannot be replicated due to the small details in the business processes of each of our clients, even when the companies belong to the same industry, the requirements change. At solbiZ, together with our allies, detect the needs or problem of our clients and devise personalized solutions according to best practices and use cases.

Q: What has been the impact of the pandemic on solbiZ's business and customer demand?

A: Due to the pandemic, the world went from a digital transformation to a digital reality. The advantage of being in this industry is that we can offer our portfolio of services and solutions to companies with B2B, B2C and B2B2C business models. Even though the pandemic has led to a boost in remote work, this should not be an impediment for companies to have information about their clients or to attend a service ticket with their consumers. With the tools we offer, companies can take the office everywhere. 

Some of the industries where solbiZ has a significant number of clients are retail. These companies have not stopped selling and have not necessarily had to adopt an e-commerce model. However, they do need to provide exceptional customer service. In manufacture, although these companies require the physical presence of workers on the production floor, the commercial and customer service areas had to undergo a digital transformation process. 

In the financial sector, for instance, was necessary to serve users remotely because people did not want to go to the branches. The real estate industry, on the other hand, faced many challenges as people need to go and visit before buying a property. Through new platforms, we have been able to create virtual tours and give a correct follow-up to sales opportunities. Through our digital transformation strategies, our clients generated new business opportunities and maintained a close relationship with their customers.


SolbiZ offers innovative solutions that digitally transform companies’ marketing, sales and customer relationships. Its primary offering is CX, CRM, marketing automation and digital signature

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