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The US, Mexico Join Forces To Fight Cyberattacks

By Paloma Duran | Wed, 08/24/2022 - 13:23

With cybersecurity becoming an increasingly important global issue, the US and Mexican governments have committed to strengthening their cooperation to address cyberattacks. Both countries committed to jointly investigate cybercrimes that put their national interests at risk, as well as to promote a culture in which national agencies prioritize cybersecurity and citizens to report digital crime.

On Aug. 10, 2022, the US and Mexican governments held the first bilateral cybermeeting since the creation of the US-Mexico Bicentennial Security, Public Health and Secure Communities Framework in October 2021. The assembly sought to further promote bilateral cooperation on digital issues and ensure that the countries’ commitment to an improved cyberspace continues.

“A secure, resilient and stable cyberspace is fundamental for the development of the public and private sectors and for people worldwide to benefit from the free flow of information online. For this reason, cyber issues have become a priority in the US-Mexico bilateral relationship,” said the US Department of State in a press release.

During the meeting, both states shared their capabilities to prevent and confront cybercrimes, as well as proposed actions to defend themselves from attacks and strengthen their culture of cybersecurity. The countries also stated that their new plan will be in line with international law and the UN General Assembly's responsible framework for state behavior to contribute to strength and accountability in the cyberspace.

The main commitments reached by the US and Mexican government during the meeting were to coordinate initiatives on cyber and digital economy issues, establish a mechanism to respond to cyber incidents that affect sensitive state information, increase cooperation to exchange of intelligence information on cyber threats and promote initiatives and bilateral training activities to create a culture of cybersecurity.

In addition, the states agreed that the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the US Homeland Security Investigations bureau will cooperate with their Mexican counterparts to exchange intelligence, coordinate incident responses, jointly apply the law, conduct investigations and protect key cyber infrastructure.

The US and Mexican governments also agreed to share key information and participate in initiatives such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 and the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, as well to collaborate om multilateral processes regardomg cybersecurity and cybercrime such as the Organization of the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism of American States. Additionally, both nations will organise a Trilateral Cyber Experts Meeting in 2022, together with Canada.

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