Zabbix Forum Mexico: A Culture of Cybersecurity Prevention
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Zabbix Forum Mexico: A Culture of Cybersecurity Prevention

Photo by:   Image by Simon, Pixabay
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Tomás Lujambio By Tomás Lujambio | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/16/2023 - 11:57

Zabbix is on a mission to encourage and promote the adoption of a preventive cybersecurity culture among people and companies in Mexico, an initiative they will further expand on in their upcoming forum in Mexico City, November 23rd. The event is expected to gather some of the company’s most esteemed clients across various sectors and partners, who will illustrate how they seamlessly integrated Zabbix’s services and how they have leveraged these solutions to enhance their cybersecurity posture.

"Zabbix Forum Mexico embodies our commitment to a culture of diligence, reinforcing how our platform empowers businesses. It facilitates revenue growth, enhances security across multiple domains including systems, cybersecurity, and user experience, contributing to overall business resilience,” Luciano Alves, Country Manager, Zabbix LATAM, told MBN. 

Throughout Zabbix’s two decades of experience, the company has effectively provided steadfast support to companies committed to fostering a culture of incident prevention and digital security. In the company’s Forum, each participating company will outline their methodologies for data capture and analysis, along with the challenges they faced when customizing their security approach to align with their specific business needs. This includes Industry leaders Claudia Medina, Software Domain Leader, IDC LATAM; and Eduardo Castellanos, Data Center Sales Director, Dell Technologies Mexico, who will delve into the intricacies of implementing a prevention culture in their business operations during the “Technological Landscape and Monitoring Trends” panel.

Zabbix's robust platform “delivers targeted notifications to users, providing them with comprehensive insights into their monitored environment. This encompasses operational layers, technological infrastructure, log files, application-related issues, company integrations, and [even] strategic business aspects such as user behavior, payment analytics, and overall company revenue,” Alves to MBN. 

While monitoring and prevention practices tend to be traditionally associated with the digital infrastructure of companies, it also plays an essential role in strategic business management, says Alves. Beyond the potential for network damage and data manipulation, system downtimes triggered by ransomware attacks or data breaches can incur significant damage to their reputation and undermine operational fluidity. To mitigate these risks without compromising innovation, Sofia Perez, General Director, AMITI Mexico; and Javier Cordero, Vice President and General Manager, Red Hat NOLA, will delve into the ways open-source technology has empowered their organizations to stay at the forefront of innovation during the “Open Source & Business” panel.

By embracing a culture of prevention, as advocated by Zabbix, companies can effectively mitigate security risks associated with sophisticated cyberattacks. According to Alves, "comprehensive monitoring affords us the opportunity to visualize the entire landscape, providing invaluable insights and actionable intelligence for precise decision-making within our client’s system and organizational framework.” As the date of Zabbix’s Forum approaches, Alves encourages companies to consider constant monitoring strategies to avoid paying the price of falling prey to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. 

Despite the exclusive nature of the Zabbix’s Forum, industry leaders, executives, and decision-makers interested in attending the event can contact Zabbix’s team through email. For additional information on the Zabbix Forum program and speakers, please visit the company’s official website.


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Photo by:   Image by Simon, Pixabay

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