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Queretaro’s Colon: Engine of the Aerospace Industry

By Andrea Villar | Wed, 11/27/2019 - 17:23

Queretaro is on its way to solidifying its position in the aerospace industry as a destination for investment and as a potential national hub. Colon, a municipality in the state with a strong industrial sector, is playing a key role, said Colon Mayor José Alejandro Ochoa at the Mexico Aerospace Forum 2019, held at Mexico City’s Hotel Marquis on Wednesday.

“Governments have to be investment promoters and generate employment through opportunities. In 2015, Colon had 16 companies and three industrial parks. Today, it has more than 74 companies and will close 2019 with 11 industrial parks, mostly focused on the aeronautical sector,” Ochoa said. 

Ochoa is convinced that the generation of employment and strategies with academia will help to create a circular economy to attract greater investment. Queretaro is already ranked fourth worldwide in aerospace FDI. Colon itself is home to more than 120 foreign capital companies and generates around 10,000 jobs. “We have to believe in the potential of the country. In the US, labor is becoming scarce and Mexico is already training a specialized workforce.”

One project that seeks to potentiate investment is Emerald City, a complex with a perimeter of about 5km around the Queretaro airport that aims to encourage the mobility necessary for the development of the state. “This model attracted investment. There is a great future in the sector and Colon is going to continue betting on local sustainable economies,” he added. 

But the municipality wants to cover all the angles and instil the trust necessary to encourage investment. To this end, the local government sought to improve its regulatory framework. “Procedures to mitigate corruption were simplified,” Ochoa said. “Now, the only way to justify an expense is to generate opportunities.” 

Regarding the cancellation of the planned new international airport at Lake Texcoco that rattled investors, Ochoa expressed regret about the government’s decision but he believes it is going to be beneficial for the state as the Queretaro international airport will now grow in importance. “It will become an alternate airport, not just for cargo,” he said, adding that having the Mexican Air Force establish a presence in the area will be an added benefit.

Andrea Villar Andrea Villar Journalist and Industry Analyst