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Propel Foods, Savefruit Conquer Ftalks Food Summit LATAM

By Emilio Aristegui | Wed, 09/07/2022 - 17:28

Mexican startups Propel Foods and Savefruit were recognized for their practices and innovation during the ftalks Food Summit LATAM Startup Awards held in Mexico City on Sep. 1-2. They won opportunities for mentorship and to participate in the event’s next stage in Spain.

“Congratulations to Propel Foods and Savefruit, winning startups of the ftalks Food Summit Startup Awards LATAM, in the Sustainability and Innovation categories, respectively. Both startups will receive four months of mentoring from KM ZERO and will be part of the ecosystem of our hub, having the opportunity to participate in ftalks Food Summit Valencia on Oct. 20 and 21,” announced KM Zero Food Innovation Hub, which organized the event, on its Instagram page. 

The summit hosted numerous panels highlighting a range of topics including health, wellbeing, biodiversity, resilience, proteins 4.0 and digitization. KM Zero Food Innovation Hub promotes entrepreneurship, while developing businesses that focus on innovation. The Spanish consultancy firm also seeks to anticipate the future of food via open innovation. KM Zero Food Innovation Hub constructs disruptive projects, providing the company’s experience, solvency and knowledge of the industrial and corporate sector, according to its LinkedIn profile. 

KM Zero chose the best in sustainability and the best in innovation for its awards. The ftalks Food Summit is a rendezvous of pure professionals and technologies that are shaping the future of food, said Iñigo Charola, CEO, Biotech Foods, on KM’s website. The judges were: Irina Jaramillo, CEO and Co-founder of ASTRA; Alejandro Guzmán, Director of Strategy and Growth, Grupo Arancia; and Francisco Yong, President, Syon Capital. 

The company aims to “co-create the future of food with startups, companies and the community,” according to its webpage. ftalks' winners will receive mentoring by the KM ZERO team and gain visibility in the company’s initiatives and media and access to investors. 

Propel Foods continues to add awards to its resume. It had previously been named a Hult Prize Winner and a MassChallenge finalist earlier this year. The foodtech startup, which is dedicated to creating innovative plant and mushroom-based foods, seeks to impact people’s lives through food, as reported by MBN.

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