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Mexican Propel Foods Among MassChallenge Finalists

By Emilio Aristegui | Thu, 08/11/2022 - 19:03

MassChallenge announced its Latin American startup finalists for the 2022 Acceleration Program. Mexican foodtech startup Propel Foods features as one of the 38 finalists due to its innovative development of plant-based and hybrid protein foods.

“Food goes beyond personal satisfaction. Propel Foods is about reinventing what we consume for our individual and collective wellbeing,” said Sofía Hillman, COO, Propel Foods, in the company’s website.

The startup’s mission is to “impact” people’s lives through food, said Jayat Gonzalez, Propeller, Propel Foods. The company uses technology to recreate the taste, look and texture of animal protein with a variety of products based on plants and invasive species. The company aims to recreate and enhance several existing foods, while putting extra care on adequately implementing sustainable, delicious and traceable ingredients. The startup now produces tacos, nuggets, burgers and other products.

Propel Foods also seeks to aid several different communities and the environment with its food selection, as one of the company’s goals is to introduce more types of food based on plant and invasive species. The company’s participation on MassChallenge was vital for its growth. MassChallenge is one of the most influential accelerator programs for startups. It includes a four-month mentoring program that includes access to its global network, world-class mentoring from industry experts, access to corporate partners to increase growth, funding and third-party collaboration, explained Propel Foods via its LinkedIn account.

Propel Foods is already a Hult Prize Winner, as the foodtech company stood out amongst thousands of participants due to its repurposing strategy to create modern foods that will allow the development of new diets. “Their work is a testament to the power youth possesses to make the world a better place,” said the Hult Prize Organization via its website. The Hult Prize gathers thousands of young people to solve the world’s most complex issues via social entrepreneurship.

Consumers of Propel Foods, called propellers, are individuals conscious of their alimentary choices, care about the future, are not afraid to try new things and want to leave a mark in the world, said the company. Joel González Gómez, Co-Founder, Propel Foods, believes that the startup must always be at the forefront of innovation to adequately develop into an influential food company that can create foods that adapt to the needs of the future.

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