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The Cockpit of the Future: Comfort, Entertainment and Safety

Fidel Vaca Reyes - FORVIA
Program Senior Director for Interiors North America


Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 10/04/2022 - 13:45

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Q: What role is FORVIA playing in the global automotive industry’s transformation?

A: Faurecia, a company from FORVIA Group, was one of the first automotive companies that started working on the car of the future. For over eight years, we have innovated and transformed the design of our auto parts. In addition, FORVIA transformed itself from an auto parts manufacturer into a technology company thanks to the acquisition of businesses that enabled us to complement our Interiors, Clean Mobility and Seating divisions. We are now a comprehensive supplier. With the inclusion of Clarion, some years ago, and now HELLA, FORVIA Group has become the leading supplier of the car of the future.

The solutions offered across our different divisions enable FORVIA to work with any OEM in the development of their cabins. We support the design of seats and interior components such as doors, dashboards, and center consoles; in addition to all the lighting, automation and on-board safety parts developed with Clarion Electronics and HELLA.

Q: What role will the new facilities in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, play within Faurecia’s operations in North America?

A: Nuevo Leon is a strategic location for us. The two new facilities, one for Seating and the other for Interiors, will be the first in North America to combine our capabilities. Both plants will share services and create a great deal of synergy. From Nuevo Leon, we will supply components and EV cabins to several OEMs in the US.

Q: What are the main megatrends impacting vehicle interior design?

A: The Cockpit of the Future will be customizable and safe, making travel a pleasant experience. FORVIA Group is focusing on enhancing comfort and personalization of vehicle interiors. The company is also committed to the environment and aims to be CO2-neutral in its internal emissions by 2025 and reach net zero in all our emissions by 2045, an objective corresponding to the most ambitious standard of SBTi.

The Cockpit of the Future will allow people to make increasingly longer trips without sacrificing comfort and will include adaptations for more in-vehicle features. In addition, space customization is important. The cabin could be divided into four individual bubbles for the pilot, the co-pilot and two passengers. Each bubble would have its own customization, enabling a different in-vehicle experience without sacrificing safety.

Increasing degrees of autonomous driving also impact interior design. The car went from being a means of transportation to becoming one more room where people spend a part of their lives. We must take great care regarding comfort while favoring the largest number of media interfaces for users.

Q: How is FORVIA Group working toward more sustainable operations and final products?

A: FORVIA is constantly innovating to offer environmentally friendly technological solutions. We have clear road maps and milestones to ensure that the interior of the car is green. The environment is very important to us. We have implemented several strategies to neutralize CO2 generation in our operations and development. Our corporate offices operate with solar cells, generating our own electricity. In the plants, we have started to transform many manufacturing processes from solvent-based to water-based to stop generating contaminants.

We also help our supply chain to transition to CO2 neutrality. A clean process does not make sense if the components used were not produced cleanly. FORVIA is also working with freight providers that operate with clean fuels. We focus on clean operations from supply chain to logistics. The company has a clear path towards becoming carbon neutral by 2045:

  • By 2025: CO2 neutrality for our internal emissions (scopes 1 and 2)
  • By 2030: a reduction of 45 percent of scope 3 emissions
  • From 2045: CO2 neutrality for all our emissions (scopes 1-2-3)

Q: What role could interior design play as a differentiator among OEMs and how do FORVIA’s solutions adapt to different vehicle segments?

A: A few years ago, many benefits and features were exclusively linked to premium cars, which are not accessible to everyone. FORVIA has developed technological solutions that adapt to premium and entry-level vehicles. The Cockpit of the Future cannot be elitist; it must be available to the entire market. However, each segment will use it differently. In the premium and luxury segment, the passenger will probably not even drive the car. In the other segments, experiences will focus on whoever is driving. FORVIA has focused on making its technological solutions adaptable to any automotive segment.

Q: Currently, Faurecia has 16 plants and two R&D centers in operation across Mexico. What role does the country play within FORVIA Group’s overall innovation and manufacturing plan?

A: Mexico represents an increasingly strategic hub for FORVIA Group. As a neighbor to the US, Mexico has a strategic position as product suppliers. Our new development centers make it viable to develop new products with Mexican engineers and the young talent that FORVIA trains. Mexico now develops technology, designs, tests, and actively participates in new trends.

Thanks to the proximity to the US market, our plants have also transformed. When FORVIA introduces new technologies at fairs and events, these solutions may become available to the market in one or two years.

Q: As mobility-as-a-service becomes more popular, how could interior design adapt to this trend?

A: We think of solutions that can be applied to the entire range of vehicles. However, as shared cars, ride-hailing and clean transportation become more popular, some brands have sought us out to work on solutions for these types of vehicles. FORVIA’s innovations are adaptable to any type of vehicle. Several brands are looking for tailored solutions and we work together to adapt these technologies.

Q: What are FORVIA’s main plans and strategies in Mexico for the immediate future?

A: The two new facilities in Nuevo Leon will start production by the end of 2022, giving FORVIA greater penetration in the US market. In addition to our sustainability goals, we have ambitious plans now that the Group is integrated. This integration puts us in a unique position because we can offer comprehensive solutions for vehicle cabins, by being the world’s 7th largest automotive technology company, giving FORVIA a larger participation share. We will continue offering technology and innovation for OEMs.


FORVIA brings together the complementary technology and industrial strengths of Faurecia and HELLA. The company aims to become the preferred innovation and integration partner for OEMs worldwide.

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