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Forvia Will Use Mexican Research to Reach Carbon Neutrality

By Karin Dilge | Wed, 09/28/2022 - 18:51

After the successful acquisition of HELLA by Faurecia on Jan. 31, 2022, the resulting group, Forvia, became the seventh global largest automotive supplier. The company, a global leader in automotive technologies, is focusing on reducing its carbon footprint to net zero through numerous initiatives, which include Mexican R&D.


To implement its global sustainability strategy, the company began investing in R&D at its manufacturing locations. “Ten years ago, we launched an R&D center in Mexico for both exteriors and interiors. This has turned the country into a protagonist in the company's innovation projects,” said Karla Góngora, R&D Director, Forvia. Traditionally recognized for its manufacturing operations, Mexico has become a promising land for R&D and engineering operations. “Apart from its excellent manufacturing quality, Mexico has strong potential to develop innovation and design capabilities that add value to the automotive industry,” added Góngora. Forvia has currently two R&D centers in Mexico, focusing on seating and interiors.


In total, Forvia has 77 R&D centers around the world and invests 7 percent of its total expenses on R&D. The company seeks to achieve CO2 neutrality in its internal emissions by 2025 to fight climate change. “Climate change, bad air quality and vulnerable ecosystems affect all people and represent a growing threat for humanity,” said Góngora. This is why the company is prioritizing the fight against climate change by implementing a recycling culture and circular economy, she added.


The group combines cost-effective growth and innovation to transform the automotive industry. It is focusing on electrification and energy management, automatized and safe driving and sustainable and digital cabin experiences. Forvia treats mobility as an essential tool to empower people, giving them access to opportunities and proximity to loved ones. “The challenges that impact mobility are climate change and access,” said Góngora. The company aims to be a pioneer in the mobility experiences that are important to people.


Forvia is also a responsible employer that promotes the development of all talent with a proactive focus in line with its values, said Góngora. Diversity and inclusion are two pillars of the company, which aims to have 35 percent of women in directive and leadership positions by 2030. In the past four years, the company increased its female talent by 13 percent. In 2021, “37 percent of the manager, director and professional hirings were women,” said Góngora. 


These achievements have been made possible thanks to its inclusion projects, which include the “Back on Track” initiative. This project seeks to help women rejoin the automotive industry after a long pause from work, which are mainly caused by family reasons. 

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Karin Dilge Karin Dilge Journalist and Industry Analyst