FORVIA: Diversity as a Core Value
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FORVIA: Diversity as a Core Value

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Q: What does diversity means for FORVIA and how does the company foster it?

A: Diversity is in FORVIA’s DNA. It is a strength and part of our convictions. Diversity is enriching and offers an opportunity to hear the perspectives of other people and cultures. These differences allow FORVIA to go further because it can better understand the needs of the different users and markets.

Beyond the initiatives and strategies carried out at FORVIA, diversity starts with a good internal culture. From recruitment to professional development and career management, FORVIA aims to lead by example. In Mexico, our team has over 20 people with disabilities and about 100 expatriates within the different sites. By promoting equality and giving opportunities to people with different talents, we are making a difference.

Q: How does FORVIA work to ensure a safe environment for diverse workers?

A: We have several strategies to allow diverse talent to work comfortably. We work with associations of people with disabilities, for example, to be able to integrate them into the workplace. Such is the case of Puebla Injection plant where Mexican Sign Language workshops have been given with the aim of enabling employees to communicate properly with those who have different abilities.

In addition, expats also provide an interesting experience since their different traditions and cultures also enrich the company's culture. Diversity is already part of our culture and identity, with the 150 nationalities and backgrounds which have been key to our success.

Q: What role does gender diversity play within FORVIA and how does the company work to reduce the gender gap?

A: Gender diversity is constructive and productive for FORVIA, who continuously works to reduce the gender gap within the company and the automotive industry.

While there is a long way to go, we have started raising awareness through initiatives like “Girls on the Move” or “Women on Track”, which seek to attract young women to the automotive sector through seminars, discussions, plant visits and experiences.

In addition, FORVIA promotes “Back on Track”, an initiative which focuses on female professionals who interrupted their careers for a personal motive and that want to return to work. FORVIA has develop this program, together with Momlancers, to bring them back to the industry and support them with a group of mentors so that so that their reintegration can be smoother.

Q: How does FORVIA work to promote STEM careers among young women?

A: Exposure is important. FORVIA is present at fairs and university events across Mexico. We transparently explain how the sector works, encouraging young people to study related fields. FORVIA has agreements with several universities to offer internship programs for both young men and women.

FORVIA has numerous cases of interns who have gone on to have a long career at the company.

We invest in our people and provide them with continuous training to develop their talent. The exposure and experience of working inside the industry is crucial for younger generations.

Likewise, the company has an area dedicated to employee training called FORVIA University, which coordinates face-to-face and online classes with more than 250 courses available 24 hours a day. Courses on quality, production, logistics, communication, finance, and project management, among others, are taught.

Q: How did female participation in leadership positions at FORVIA grow in 2021?

A: During the last four years, specifically at Faurecia, a company of FORVIA Group, the proportion of female talent, in terms of professionals and managers, increased more than 8 percent, reaching 32 percent in 2021. In this same year, 37 percent of the hiring of managers, directors and professionals have been women. Diversity is important at all levels of the company.

I think that today, we see that the gaps are closing. For a long time, the automotive sector was characterized by being led by men, but women have ventured into the industry, changing the landscape, and contributing. For change to happen, we need people to be committed to gender equality in leadership positions. The vision and mindset of the entire company plays an essential role. The trend is favorable, and we hope that in the near future, women’s presence within the automotive sector will be so normalized that diversity becomes part of everyday life throughout the industry.

Q: What challenges do women face in the automotive industry?

A: There are too many challenges, beginning with insertion in the labor market. Once in the sector, growth is another challenge for women as several of them often must balance work with their home and children.

In addition, women in many companies face glass ceilings, which are invisible barriers preventing them from accessing certain leadership positions. However, both men and women must work as a team to grow personally and professionally. I believe that the initiatives that the company has implemented have allowed us to take a step forward.

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