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Customer Satisfaction Key to Success in Luxury Auto Sector

By Ricardo Rodríguez - INFINITI Mexico, Latin America and Israel
Managing Director


Wed, 05/10/2023 - 12:00

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What do you expect when you buy a car? 

Today, mobility, safety, and technology are the basic elements that a person expects to receive when searching for a car. However, in the luxury automotive sector, the stakes are much higher, and it is about offering a unique and personalized experience from the moment the customer is choosing their vehicle, through the purchase process, its use, and even when it's time to replace it. It's not just about offering a means of transportation, but a real mobility solution that also offers a certain level of exclusivity and distinction. 

Currently, there are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a vehicle, so it is crucial for manufacturers and brands to think about the added value that their product offers to the end customer, and that will make a person choose their brand over others in the market. 

The concept of added value in the luxury automotive sector refers, on the one hand, to the exclusivity provided by the vehicle, the image it projects, and the status it conveys. However, there is another aspect, which is the solution to certain situations that may arise in everyday life and in which a consumer, simply by owning a vehicle in this category, can access. 

Let's imagine for a moment that our vehicle breaks down during a journey and we can't reach our destination. It would be reassuring to know that we have coverage that guarantees us alternative transportation to get to our destination and then return to our origin, and if we add that this coverage also includes necessary accommodation during the trip, and even more, if we add that the repaired vehicle will be delivered back to our doorstep, fully repaired, and all of this completely covered just by being the owner of our vehicle ... this is added value and it is a luxury that only the owner of such a vehicle can access. 

This support from the brand at all times is a luxury that not all car owners have access to, and that's where the difference lies. 

Now, let's think about our family, whose members often spend a lot of time in the car and unfortunately are exposed to dangers. If they had a service in which, in case of an accident, they could have prompt and efficient communication with emergency services for immediate assistance, and an immediate alert would be sent to a predetermined contact's cellphone to inform them of the incident, provide the location, and offer immediate help, this would provide peace of mind that they will be assisted promptly, and this peace of mind is a luxury that not all car owners can have. 

In summary, we are living in times when the concept of luxury is changing. Today, the experience is valued more than mere possession, and that is precisely where luxury automotive brands should be heading. 

However, we must not forget that the range of needs and preferences is very broad, and each brand focuses on meeting each of them. In this sense, let's imagine some of these preferences and ask ourselves which brand can fulfill them: 

• Safety 

• Power display 

• High performance 

• Value proposition

 • Discreet luxury 

To the extent that our priority is to meet any of these needs, we will choose the brand that provides it. So, we could say that a luxury car is not classified as such solely based on its equipment, price, design, or materials. Nowadays, a true  luxury car must offer a clear concept that satisfies a need.

Luxury brands are undoubtedly niche brands, which presents a tremendous opportunity to fully understand and meet customers' expectations. As luxury automotive brands, as we understand these expectations and are able to fulfill them, we can truly position ourselves as the preference of our customers.

In this regard, it is essential that we fully know and understand the customer in order to meet and exceed their expectations. Additionally, as a brand, maintaining constant communication with our customers after their purchase is important in order to gather their feedback on our products and services, and thus continue to offer personalized and luxury-level attention.

This is precisely what we are currently developing at INFINITI with our Transformation Plan, where in keeping the customer at the center of our operations, we are designing a series of complementary services, such as INFINITI Black or In Touch Services, that can truly provide added value to our customers, with the goal of exceeding their expectations and providing personalized attention.

For us, it is crucial that all our actions as a brand are focused on human value in order to create luxury experiences that transcend the moments when our customers are behind the wheel of their vehicle.

As a luxury brand, providing this level of added value is essential for customers to truly say and feel that they are experiencing luxury based on experiences rather than possessions, and precisely therein lies the success of each brand.

Photo by:   Ricardo Rodríguez

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