Industrial Quality for the Auto Sector
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Industrial Quality for the Auto Sector

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Yuri Avitia - Ferreplus Refacciones y Materiales
General Manager


Q: What are the key services Ferreplus provides to the automotive industry?

A: Ferreplus has been in the automotive industry for 10 years and forms part of Grupo Industrial Monclova. The company was created to provide services to the group’s metal-mechanical companies such as COMMSA Tampico. After a year, we expanded into other sectors and companies. We offer services to the north and central regions of the country, with 10 strategically located stores. Ferreplus supplies the industry with everything from machinery and spare parts to raw materials. Our catalog has more than 5,000 products related to cutting and welding processes. We supply a variety of customers from the automotive industry throughout the country. Ferreplus has supplied safety equipment and abrasives to Hyundai MOBIS since they started their manufacturing operations in Mexico.

Q: What differentiates Ferreplus from its competitors?

A: We have been able to establish three brands of our own: Warden (welding equipment), Blackset (conventional machines and welding consumables) and Esguard (safety equipment). All our products are manufactured following NOMs, which means each of our products has a technical label, instructions and safety precautions.

We are the second largest distributor of the brand ESAB in Mexico and one of the top 10 distributors of Lincoln Electric. There are many different welding brands in the market, which we carefully select to complement our own brands. A priority for us is to position our brands as leaders in Mexico and although they have only been in the local market for five years, we are confident they will continue to grow exponentially over the next few years.

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