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Promising Opportunities?

By Alejandro Enríquez | Thu, 08/27/2020 - 17:55

The President of Robert Bosch México affirms that the role of Mexico in the automotive sector remains advantageous. Industrial Transformation México 2020 goes digital through virtual reality and artificial intelligence. KAVAK, the Mexican startup for used vehicles trading will invest US$10 million in Argentina. Meanwhile, AMDA, AMIS and CESVI launched a platform to provide certainty to dealers and consumers when trading used-vehicles.

This week’s featured interviews highlight lean management and leadership expert, Arutro Medellín, General Manager of Staufen Americas, and Director México of CHG Meridian Simon Harrsen who explains how leasing equipment can save 20 percent in costs. Meanwhile, on international roads, BMW announces its intention to sell 7 million green vehicles by 2030.

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Bosch: Confidence in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Mexico Automotive Review interviewed René Schlegel, President of Robert Bosch México, who talked about the "advantageous role" that Mexico continues to play in the sector.

You can read the full interview here.

Used-Vehicles Market Seems Promising

KAVAK, the Mexican online digital platform leader in the used-vehicle market, announced a US$10 million investment in Argentina, which includes the purchase of local used-vehicle e-commerce site, Checkars.

You can read about KAVAK here.

AMDA, AMIS and CESVI also created a partnership to develop a new tool that allows potential buyers and sellers to validate used-vehicle information to prevent fraudulent practices for both the heavy and light-vehicle segments.

You can read the full story here.

Industrial Transformation Mexico 2020 Goes Digital

In 2018, Mexico became the first Latin American country to be invited to the Hannover Messe fair in Germany. A year after, the event launched a new spinoff in Mexico, which took place in Leon in October 2019. The 2020 edition of Industrial Transformation Mexico will be held on Oct. 28-30 in a virtual reality facility that will create an immersive experience for users to visit.

You can read the full story here.

Featured interviews

Arturo Medellín, General Manager of Staufen Americas, details that for a lean management strategy to be successful, people play a really important role.

Simon Harrsen, Vice President of Sales and Director México at CHG Meridian, explains the substantial advantages of leasing equipment, which include savings of around 20 percent.

BMW to Sell 7 Million Green Vehicles by 2030

As part of its 10-year sustainability plan, BMW Group has one of the world's widest selection of premium electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. The German group, which includes BMW and MINI, expects to put more than 7 million of these vehicles on the road by 2030, two thirds of them being full-electric vehicles.

You can read the full story here.


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