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Envision and Vive Energía Bring Wind Farm Online

By Cas Biekmann | Thu, 07/30/2020 - 15:56

In Mexico, Naturgy’s local arm has appointed a new CEO. Envision and Vive Energía bring a new wind farm online. In other news, CFE’s transmission cost hike and safety protocols regarding battery storage are examined. In international news, Chile keeps increasing its renewable energy output and Shell aims to ambitiously combine several renewable solutions in one hybrid project.

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Naturgy Mexico Appoints New CEO

Naturgy, a company of Spanish origin that markets and distributes gas in Mexico, has appointed a new CEO for the country, reported Energía Hoy. Alejandro Peón, an industrial engineer from UNAM, already has occupied an executive function for the gas giant. He takes over from Narcís de Carreras, who is to take on new responsibilities for the company in Spain.


Behind the Increase in Transmission and Distribution Costs

One of the recent uproars in Mexico’s energy sector was CFE’s decision to hike transmission and distribution fees for renewable energy projects on pre-Energy Reform legacy contracts used for self-supply. María José Treviño explains how the issue originated in a different time in the market, when renewable energy needed stronger incentives to be competitive. Now that renewables have become much more competitive, CFE considers the older setup to be unfair. Private companies, on the other hand, argue that the contracts still stand and that they had taken the incentives into account for their financial plans.


Envision Energy and Vive Energía Announce Starting Operation at 90MW Wind Farm

The project will provide 90MW of renewable wind energy through 36 turbines located in Yucatan. Envision Energy and Vive Energía partnered up to make the project a success and contracted construction and engineering group ACS Actividades de Construccion y Servicios, reported Renewables Now.


Battery Storage and Safety Protocols: the Case of APS

Arizona Public Service (APS), a utility company combining solar with storage in the US, has detailed its extensive report on a fire and explosion involving its lithium-ion batteries, reports GreenTech Media. The electric utility recommends several safety measures which are all considered important to Mexico’s up-and-coming storage sector.



Chile Nears 6GW Renewable Energy Output

Renewables Now reported that Chile’s National Energy Commission said the country generated 1,168GWh of power in June. This amount represents 18.2 percent of the country’s energy production for that month. Chile grew its renewable energy capacity by 276MW compared to the month before. This capacity represents 24 percent of the total installed power producing capacity in the country. Mexico, in comparison, has capacity to generate 31 percent of its energy through renewable resources according to SENER.


Shell and Eneco Eye ‘Super-Hybrid’ Renewable Project

As part of Shell’s quest to achieve carbon neutrality, the British-Dutch former fossil fuel giant is looking to construct a ‘super-hybrid’ offshore wind farm, reported GreenTech Media. The farm will be constructed by Dutch utility player Eneco, winner of Shell’s tender. What makes the project both ambitious and unique is the hybrid-factor. Combining solar and batteries is nothing new, but Shell aims to combine three forms of energy generation with the wind farm: floating solar, batteries and hydrogen.

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