Jerzy Sasiada
Mexico Area General Manager And Managing Director
View from the Top

Tailor Made Modular Solutions for Sustainable Development

Mon, 02/25/2019 - 14:18

Q: Why should utility-scale project developers choose WillScot’s modular space services?
A: We are providers of scarce-space solutions for project developers at all levels. In the energy industry, power generation plants are often developed in remote locations where the construction phase extends over a long period of time before they become operational. The common denominator with these locations is the difficulty of access and the lack of appropriate infrastructure to remain on-site. All our solutions are mobile and sustainable, creating valuable synergies because they leave behind no ecological footprint. WillScot can cover all spatial necessities inherent to a project, including dormitories, technical offices and safe, containerized material storage.
Q: How does WillScot provide the best solution to its clients’ most common problems?
A: Modular spaces provide a significant productivity boost throughout the project’s development phase as workers can remain on-site, eliminating displacement times. Safety and security are other key issues that are guaranteed because all personnel and materials stay in the same location, within a controlled perimeter. WillScot is certified as a socially responsible company, which allows us to work with local suppliers that can provide the same quality standards that we do, in order to deliver the best value proposition to our customers and at the same time, support local economies and small businesses. We aim to find in every location that we have presence in, trustworthy commercial partners in order to grow together in business opportunities for both parties.
Q: How does WillScot use Mexico’s logistics infrastructure to its advantage?
A: It is a critical factor for generating client satisfaction and in ensuring the quality of our products and services. To ensure timely deliveries of our products, we have studied the territory to provide our service in every location needed. This is why we have created a network of branches throughout the country. These branches provide the preparation, maintenance, cleaning, repairs and verification works for our modular units so we always make a point of having an available stock of finished products to meet our clients’ requirements in near real-time.
Q: How does WillScot achieve a 50 percent assembly time reduction?
A: The advantage of our product compared to traditional construction is that a large part of the preparation process for each project is a standardized procedure and can be executed for the most part in-house at our branches. When a project opportunity arises, we already have a largely premanufactured portion of the modular spaces that the project will require, reducing to a minimum the specific adjustments inherent to the projects’ characteristics. Another comparative advantage is that modular spaces do not require concrete slabs, so, while the blueprint of the project is still being drafted, we can be ready to deploy the required modular structures.
Q: How does WillScot ensure its solutions leave no ecological footprint?
A: Looking at our flagship product, the portable, wheeled trailer, all materials are 100 percent removable once the project is fully operational. Our flex line allows us to create facilities and buildings of virtually unlimited dimensions but the structures do not interfere with the surrounding vegetation.
Q: What are WillScot’s growth plans for 2019-20?
A: In 2018, we did a major benchmark of our business. In mid-2018, we acquired Modspace, which positioned the company as the No. 1 modular solutions provider. Taking into account how the country has been changing over the past months, we expect our business actions will boost our efforts to focus on providing the best solution to our customers. We anticipate that the development of renewable energy projects will take on an increasingly preponderant role in the business of the different types of clients that use our modular solutions.