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Mexican Named MIT’s 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Fri, 01/08/2021 - 12:39

Mexican entrepreneur Gerardo Sordo was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The MIT Review’s Innovators Under the Age of 35 recognized Sordo’s company BrandMe with the award, reports TecReview. BrandMe is a marketing firm that uses technological tools and Big Data to create in-depth marketing campaigns for influencers and companies. The young founder of BrandMe triumphed in the Entrepreneurs category over nine finalists, being awarded the win among 35 Latin American innovators under 35 years of age, reported La Vanguardia.

"We help brands make better decisions about which influencer is worth hiring ethically and transparently. We democratize the growing industry of digital content creators,” said Sordo to the MIT Technology Review. The service allows companies to hire the proper influencers and for influencers to properly target their audiences. "I believe that the world should function without intermediaries. In the marketing industry, costs rise. BrandMe was born to democratize it," Sordo said.

Sordo told TecReview that his company had been nominated two times already by the MIT Technology Review, but had not managed to snack up the award. "This year we improved BrandMe," says Sordo to the TecReview. The company focused on a more transparent form of social media, developing a way to study an influencer’s following and identify fake followers. "This way, brands can know the authenticity of the influencer before hiring them, without losing investments," explains the entrepreneur. Sordo explains that last year there was a loss of US$1.3 trillion in digital marketing fraud at a global scale due to companies wrongly investing in influencers, reports TecReview. This is the niche market BrandMe aims to address.

Social media is becoming more and more relevant in today’s markets and marketing strategies, with influencers always looking for ways to stay in the spotlight. “An influencer needs to be honest and come across as real to their audience. They should not flip between ideas, channels or audiences. If so, they do not build a solid relationship with an audience. For brands, it is important that influencers represent the value of the brand. It is very easy to spot if someone is doing it just for the money,” explained Jaspar Eyears, CEO of Another Company, in an interview with MBN. Eyears mentions constantly that honesty is the most important thing for an influencer’s relatability and a genuine interest from followers in a particular company.

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