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Raise Brand Loyalty by Creating Your Own Community 4.0

By Juan José Artero - Hits Book Group


Juan José Artero By Juan José Artero | CEO - Mon, 04/04/2022 - 17:00

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The Hits Book Community 4.0 is a unique interaction channel among our technological solutions; with it, you will be able to connect brands with potential consumers through innovative UGC marketing strategies, with full legal coverage and maximum control. It is a 100 percent interactive experience.

The ​​Community 4.0 idea was developed as an opportunity to resolve some barriers that we detected in the industry:

  • Take advantage of third-party data for the brand's own usability and property, generating databases directly, without depending on third-party platforms that usually do not provide full visibility of the audience's information and obtaining the assignment of rights to the content generated by those users.
  • Avoid the assignment of huge amounts to advertising investments on social networks, where the reduction of scope due to updates from algorithms is frequent.

This issue limits connection, communication and interaction ratios with followers and fans; with a Community 4.0, the engagement KPIs increase, creating a closer relationship with them.

The third barrier that exists is the problem of cookies that prevent the ability to better collect and analyze the profiles of each user which is resolved with Community 4.0

In building a Community 4.0, you can customize the brand’s  look and feel  on the platform along with any type of campaign, creating UGC content with dynamics and actions that encourage participation and its interactive rankings, maintaining control, management and filtering of content generated by users. in different formats.

With the creation of Community 4.0, brands can generate their own unique and interactive space, incorporating a UGC marketing strategy that allows understanding consumer behavior during a campaign cycle. It is not just about having large data volume, it’s about quality obtaining first-party data  on a deeper level that allows the qualitative and quantitative audience’s variables to be cross-checked in order to analyze the statistics in real time according to goals, as well as to generate own content to syndicate  in OTT formats.

A plus is that, through UGC actions, the community interacts on the platform by uploading their content, voting for their favorites and sharing on social networks, achieving a fluid and bidirectional long-term relationship.

All UGC content becomes an active for the brand, since the rights to the videos or photos published by users, intellectual property and image rights will be obtained, which allows its use for different “editorial and/or commercial” purposes ” such as:

• Creation of content/spots based on user videos.

• Allow the use of images caught from the moments of consumption during the brand campaigns on other platforms.

• Generate direct promotions at zero cost.

• Share premium/exclusive content based on business insights.

• Community 4.0 promotion inside any of the brand's multi platform channels.

• Expand product services / up selling.

With Hits Book technology and the audience analysis tool, royalty-free databases can be generated, as well as multimedia content for future promotions that strengthen the long-term relationship with consumers, to maintain a closer and more fluid interaction with them

Strengthens positioning and engagement index by amplifying brand lovers and multiplatform audiences through UGC proposals

We can mention the success story ‘Oh My Pet!  had achieved to capitalize all the assets generated by fans with a similar interest, in addition to becoming a content channel that allows branding and marketing actions from its Community 4.0 to generate shows for Television, managing to increase engagement and achieving excellent levels, raising the audience’s rating.

Photo by:   Juan José Artero

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