Neivi Ortiz
Director General
Grupo Saned Latin America
View from the Top

Innovative Marketing for the Pharma Industry

Wed, 09/06/2017 - 14:44

Q: What attracted Grupo Saned to Mexico for its first subsidiary?

A: We arrived almost two years ago. We were attracted by the size of the market and we wanted to diversify our experience. I believe we probably came late but, despite the delay, we know that no one else offers our value proposition. We develop customized strategies for each client to reach their objectives. We are bringing solutions that have succeeded in Europe and that have been approved by the strict compliance departments of companies such as GSK, Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb and Eli Lilly.

Q: What educational opportunities is Grupo Saned providing to the pharmaceutical industry?

A: Our educational offer is one of our most requested solutions by the Mexican pharmaceutical market. Traditional education is unilateral and there is no debate between the receptor and the educator. The education model is changing. We introduced 3.0: simple and innovative educating actions in which the teacher gives the students the main role in their education and learning. This model is what we call Teach to Learn. We designed our programs according to Dale’s Learning Cone, which says that 90 percent of what we learn can be retained when we teach it. We also looked at Maslow’s Pyramid, which shows that recognition is a main human need. We realize that people are looking for a cooperative learning environment that can be delivered virtually and for recognition of the content they produce. We also have a program for educating patients because we believe they will be more engaged with their treatment if they understand the information provided by laboratories. We also train doctors in affective and effective doctor-patient communication and have a health sciences agreement with Anáhuac University in which we develop content for programs, which the university subsequently certifies.

Q: How is Grupo Saned innovating the channels of communication in the pharmaceutical industry?

A: We are approaching the industry with different marketing opportunities. One of the tools we are proposing is storytelling. We have done more than 35 movies for pharma companies in Spain and Mexico is interested in adopting this tool. We also create motivational teasers for patients to raise awareness about certain diseases and we produce scientific dialogues wherein we put the spotlight on an expert to create documentary material. Another of our business lines is virtual reality, through which we can create more empathy in the receptor.

Q: What should be the role of the pharmaceutical sales representative in a technology-based marketing scheme?

A: More than 129 laboratories have been using sales representatives for more than 70 years. We are innovative in doing marketing focused on doing things differently but that is inclusive of the resources that the company already has. Grupo Saned is convinced there is no successful on-line without a successful off-line. We have a partnership with Grupo Nichos, which is specialized in human resources for pharmaceutical sales forces.

Q: What is Grupo Saned’s main differentiator?

A: An advertising or marketing agency works for many industries and when pharmaceutical clients request a campaign, they cannot guarantee full compliance with the pharmaceutical advertising regulations. We are the only provider who belongs to CETIFARMA. We are also CANIFARMA-authorized suppliers and we are certified as an ethical and reliable company that provides services according to industry criteria. Finally, we provide our clients ROI information and we host satisfaction surveys.

Q: What are Grupo Saned’s plans for the future?

A: We have a research line currently only available in Spain. This business demands focus so we are hoping to bring it to Mexico. We want to extend our business model to Colombia. Coming to Latin America and starting in Mexico was a big step and we know that this will bring us new opportunities in the rest of the region.