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A Mental Health Support System With No Barriers

Cristina Raunich - Terapify


Miriam Bello By Miriam Bello | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 03/16/2022 - 12:09

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Q: What is the added value that Terapify offers to those seeking psychological attention?

A: Terapify offers a variety of psychological treatments. It considers what each patient needs and the way they want to approach their therapist. We are aware that some people might need guidance when selecting the type of therapy that is best for them. We help them find the most suitable choice. Others already know the method they prefer. Terapify provides a simple test to help patients understand what is best for them. It explains the types of psychological approaches they can choose from and helps them select their preferred method and therapist. Patients are also able to test whether they feel comfortable with the method and the therapist they chose and make changes if necessary.

We were aware that therapy remained a taboo for some so our goal was to make the therapy experience easy to access and as enjoyable as possible. Finding help needs to be fast, affordable and efficient, and the internet and technology enabled Terapify to provide exactly that. We also share educational content to create awareness of the importance of mental health so people are more comfortable to ask for help.

Q: How does Terapify ensure it provides high quality services through its online sessions?

A: The professionals using our platform receive training in providing online sessions. We are aware that the lack of direct contact can be seen as a barrier but we have found that simple methods, such as correct lighting and setup, can make a difference.

The pandemic transformed the way we approach every aspect of our lives. Some of our training addressed the social and relational shifts patients faced as the amount of time they spent online increased. A therapist can encourage patients to interact through digital channels. Other training addressed strategies to approach patients online and what to say in the first meeting, among other things.

This space is meant to serve both professionals and patients. In addition to providing therapy, Terapify’s platform allows patients to access mindfulness sessions, yoga classes or breathing exercises. We offer our patients alternatives to complement their psychological therapy because when people take care of their mental health they find themselves looking for other tools to overcome their challenges and live a more peaceful life. We have learned that people want to have a sense of community so we create challenges and groups for people to feel accompanied in their journey. Patients are often aware of the habits that harm physical health, such as a bad diet, lack of exercise or smoking. But patients are rarely aware of how to take care of their mental health.

Q: With the growing focus on mental health in the workplace, how attractive has your service been as a corporate benefit?

A: NOM-035, which has been active since 2019, asks companies to integrate tools to identify, analyze and prevent psychosocial risk factors in the workplace. As such, companies are required to promote a favorable corporate environment, independent of their size.

The corporation is responsible for identifying such risks and promoting a safe working environment. The NOM made companies recognize their weak spots and their areas of opportunity. To address them, they have integrated emotional support for their employees.

During the past few years, we have been exposed to an earthquake and a pandemic that led to stress, anxiety and grief if a loved one was lost. While not everyone manages these issues in the same way, companies need to offer resources equally.

Terapify is available to those who need it. Our services will adapt to the company’s requirements. To date, we are working with over 10 companies that have chosen online therapy as a benefit for their employees.

Q: How has Terapify performed during the pandemic?

A: Terapify was created after the September 2017 earthquake, after the company’s founders recognized that numerous therapists were offering their services on social media, and numerous patients required those services. Terapify’s founders gathered all of them into a single platform, which later became a hub that offers diverse approaches and a trained staff for online medical services.

During the pandemic, we grew five times and we continue to see double-digit growth every month in our individual and corporate services. As an online service, we are present in different states in Mexico and abroad. We have large demand from Germany, the US, Colombia and Peru, driving us to integrate professionals from other countries.

Q: How is Terapify sourcing investment to grow its presence in the market?

A: We have a solid investment fund and we have won the Y Combinator award for a value proposition company with large adoption from the public. Airbnb and Rappi have also won this award so the recognition was significant. We will use that to continue expanding our market presence and our team.

Q: What would you highlight about Mexico’s healthtech environment and its innovative players?

A: Promoting healthtech solutions is essential to increase their impact. Some companies might have an unprecedented value proposition but if it is not well known, its impact sinks. Technology is breaking limits and providing us with comfort and solutions despite physical barriers.


Terapify is an online psychological therapy platform supported by therapists trained in clinical psychology and online psychological therapy.

Photo by:   Terapify

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