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Wed, 09/07/2016 - 11:36

Q: What were the opportunities you foresaw that led you to open the first integral urology clinic in Merida?

A: We wanted to create an environment where patients with any urology-related problem could find a solution. We made sure we had the infrastructure in place, without sending people from place to place. Many problems in urology are multidisciplinary, so we needed many experts in the different urologic branches in one place.

Q: How do you guarantee best practices that meet international standards?

A: At an administrative level, our clinic has certification. Federally, we are certified by the Certificación de Clínicas de Atención Primaria y Consulta de Especialidades. All personnel is bilingual and we have a national certification given by the National Council of Urology, which is structurally linked to the American Urological Association (AUA). This ensures that Mexican urologists also have the latest knowledge, as would an urologist practicing in the US. We try to stay up to date with technology and advancements.

Q: Who are you joining forces with to educate about prevention?

A: One of the associates in UROSUR is the medical residencies teaching chief in one of the IMSS hospitals. Training residents with a culture of prevention will have an impact. Another associate is the chief of the Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de Mérida. From that position we can launch campaigns. For these campaigns, we can distribute packets of preventive urology medicine. The government has many projects and plans but I think this is the path to follow. We also cooperate with IMSS and ISSSTE.

Q: What makes you different from other multidisciplinary clinics in the city?

A: I believe we are the first to truly work as a team. If I have a colleague with a greater ability in an area of need, I will work with my colleague for the good of the patient. We have the medicine needed to ensure there are no complications. We have a nutritionist who is an expert in lithiasis, a sexual psychologist and a specialist in the pelvic floor, among others.

Q: What new treatments or technological advances are there in urology that put you one step ahead?

A: We use laser technology to break kidney stones, which is one of the main problems here in Merida. We also now have new surgical reconstructive techniques, which few in the southeast adopt. We are trying to change all the old techniques that are now obsolete. People are responding to these new techniques, including minimally invasive surgery that did not exist 20 years ago. We also have other new technologies like Urodynamics.

Q: How do you do think medical tourism will evolve in the short and long term?

A: Mexico is a solid destination in which to seek an operation, especially for the infrastructure that is present and the city is safe. People may prefer to recuperate by the beach. Also, as our currency has a certain position in comparison with others, prices are attractive to people who come from other countries. They can recuperate very well after a first class operation that will guarantee results. I think these are the factors that will increase medical tourism.

Q: Where will we see the company in 2016-2017?

A: We are very interested in having an impact on a local level in Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo. We are looking to expand but we are a young company, we are still looking and learning. I think in a few years’ time, we will develop an even stronger team and more specialized equipment. We are looking to acquire a surgical theater. We will likely remain at the local level with a more advanced clinic, even better services and with the desire to expand our patient reach. We will also explore holding consultations via video, as we have patients who contact us from states that are far away and from South American countries. We need to find a way to reach these patients. We have a clip that greatly improves the lives of male patients with incontinence. This is the type of product we can help with from a distance by carrying out online consultations and online sales. We did not design the clip, but we made the necessary contacts to obtain exclusive distribution rights in Mexico.