Hector Manuel Castellanos Frank
Director General
Grupo Casgo
Expert Contributor

Creating Experiences That Build Community

By Héctor Castellanos | Wed, 06/08/2022 - 09:00

Beyond plans, bricks, or concrete, I understand construction as a possibility of joining wills, of generating synergy between collaborators, clients and future users to materialize each one's dream. That is why every project in which I get involved with my team is a possibility to transcend.

And what is transcending? For me, it is creating experiences that build community, developments that create a better quality of life, spaces that facilitate work, rest, or movement. In short, to build collective well-being or, as we call it internally, a better being for all.

The path to achieving this transcendent experience has only one destination: the pursuit of excellence. A constant in the group I lead goes beyond commercial narcissism because into each project we put the best technology, processes, and above all, the best of ourselves; that is, a human-led, close-knit treatment that ensures communication is the first stone in each project to achieve excellent results for all those involved.

Mexico is emerging from the pandemic, with certain sectors seeing moderate progress, such as the commercial, office, and industrial sectors. The key to the current landscape of construction, for me, lies in two factors: the technology applied in the projects to successfully meet objectives and customer service. We emphasize these factors because they are precisely what Mexico and the world demand today.

Our philosophy, “We build [together],” is a sum of construction technologies operated by the best-trained talent, which generates a clean, efficient, and sustainable process, such as the Revit platform or the intelligent 3D modeling process (BIM). These construction systems are combined with a team that provides warm and human attention in a sector characterized by coldness. We understand the process as a promise that always needs to be fulfilled, in concert with our clients, while offering value in the planning stage and in every subsequent detail.

Thanks to We build [together], we make dreams tangible and make order and clarity a constant. We make communication the axis of the movement of all processes, as well as making sure each project inspires all participants and the lives of others. Our history is created because we build moved by the heart, so that what is seen on the outside transcends inside, within the people who use it, live it and enjoy it. We strive to contribute to that community of well-being to which we all aspire, and to this search to go beyond ourselves in each development because we understand that the projects reflect the thought and essence of human beings through history.

This new mindset has helped us navigate this bleak situation. I hope that some of you may find these tips useful, and that you may be able to apply them to your business in the future to better develop and construct our society.