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Solutions From Concept to Completion

By Andrea Villar | Tue, 06/02/2020 - 12:49

Q: In a market as competitive as Mexico, how does Johnson Controls continue to position itself and to provide added value to customers?

A: We are focusing on providing solutions to our clients through our wide portfolio. We offer fire detection, security, access control and automation products, allowing us to generate unique solutions for our clients.

We are working on solutions for a variety of vertical markets. We see great potential in the healthcare industry due to the great need for and lag in infrastructure. We are also betting on the oil and gas industry because the impact of the country’s low fuel-storage capacity has been demonstrated in the past and this has triggered interesting projects in which we are trying to participate.

Q: How has your way of working changed now that the company is focused on providing solutions?

A: You have to change the profile of the entire organization because naturally, those who know about air talk about air and those who specialize in fire solutions only dedicate themselves to that. As a result, an internal change is necessary. We need to educate all our salespeople, training them in different technologies. They will not become experts in everything but will be able to explain how each of our solutions works. Our engineering centers around the world are also specializing in certain solutions. For example, we have an engineering center in Alabama that is dedicated only to fire solutions. We also have one in Singapore for solutions in the energy sector and one in India for automation solutions, among others.

Another important twist is that we customize our solutions according to the sector. In the company’s project area, all the equipment is made to order. It is then delivered according to the specifications of our clients, except for standard products like rooftops. We can upload information to the cloud regarding how a team is operating and compare it with other identical models worldwide. This provides us with the necessary insights to recommend certain actions to the client to avoid failures and streamline their processes.

Q: What role does the IoT play in your solutions portfolio?

A: We have already connected chillers to the monitoring devices we manufacture. In the home alarms division, we are trying to change the market’s view. We tell our clients that more than material assets, we protect what interests them the most, which is their family. We will soon also monitor our clients' cars and we will be able to notify them of an accident using a G-force meter connected to the car's OBD system. This will also allow us to notify the owner if the car requires maintenance. We can achieve all this thanks to IoT.

We are even going to launch a service for pets, which families are increasingly adopting in their lives. We are developing and testing a collar that alerts the owner to their pet’s location and if someone removes the collar. We are also developing a care solution for the elderly, who increasingly live alone. This tool is used to send an alert, for example, if the person falls. In this case, we contact the house and then a relative. If no one answers, we go to the house to verify that the person is well or to provide the necessary help.

We have the largest monitoring center in Mexico, which works 24/7. This center captures all the signals at the national level and has a backup of all its data to be able to monitor from Costa Rica or Chile. All the information we collect there allows us to offer better services and solutions to our clients.

Q: What type of products have been most in-demand by customers recently?

A: Clients are requesting billing management systems for the health sector and high-end air equipment with high filtering capacity, especially for operating rooms. In other sectors, such as retail, the most requested items have been prevention and radiofrequency systems.



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