Gerardo Angulo
Director General
Timken Mexico
View from the Top

Choosing Proactivity Over Reactivity

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 11:37

Q: How have Timken’s recent mergers and acquisitions modified its portfolio in Mexico?
A: All these acquisitions are intended to strengthen our portfolio so we can be present in different markets and offer more solutions and services to our customers. Our previous acquisitions have been successful, as our customers no longer perceive us as a tapered roller bearings company, but as a firm with a complete bearing and power transmission portfolio that is providing solutions to market.
In our endeavor to become a one-stop shop by providing more services, we face several challenges. We must train our sales engineers and distributors, as we were previously only focused on bearings and are now moving to include power transmission products. We are also working with all our customers to let them know that we have become a power transmission solution player. Likewise, all our systems must be aligned to create an inventory that better supports our customers. We try to be proactive and not just reactive to the market.
Q: How is the mining industry reacting to the changes proposed by Timken?
A: We are playing in a market with several highly-qualified national and international competitors, so we have been working closely with end users as our brand is synonymous of quality and technical support. Our customers are happy with our new product offering, they trust in our brand and people, so they are trying our new lines with good results. We target the most challenging applications in which our customers are having troubles and perform tests, because the best way to illustrate our quality is by showing that our products perform better than the previous ones they were using. In mining, we have been promoting our couplings, house units, spherical roller bearings, split roller housed unit bearings and other product lines, which are saving a lot of time and money to miners.
Q: How is Timken approaching its targeted market?
A: We are closer to the end users at the moment and are focusing on being a part of all the expansions and investments in the mining industry. We act as an expert parts supplier in the market. Regarding investments, we are involved with the designers of conveyors and machinery, so we can be there when the equipment is installed. Our goal is to work with our customers from the outset so it is easier to solve any problems they may have. Conversely, when the equipment has already been installed, we work with our clients to save time and money by providing training on good practices to the maintenance department while our engineering department proposes new solutions when they are having problems in their current applications.
Q: How does Timken’s value proposition stand out from its competitors?
A: Quality, brand recognition and the loyalty of our distributors and end users. Our customers know Timken and they trust us, which to me is the key differentiator. With all the new products that we have now, we can provide more options and solutions. Our distribution network is another key asset, as it is strong and well-recognized by end users. If we have good communication with the end user and our distributor, we can guarantee a profitable solution for both. In Mexico, our main mining distributors are RYASA, RYBALSA, RODENSA, BARMEX, Casa Sommer, RESISA and Applied.
Q: How is Timken participating in the digitalization of the mining industry?
A: Our engineering group is working with OEM manufacturers. As new products arrive in the market, we strive to work together with companies such as Caterpillar, Case and Komatsu. The idea is to help them reduce cost and improve performance in their applications so they can be more competitive in the market. We play a very strong role because we can design special bearings and power transmission products to solve different challenges in their applications.