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Drilling Operations to Begin at Property in Sonora

By Antonio Trujillo | Mon, 09/27/2021 - 10:13

Richmond-based Benjamin Hill has announced their commencement of drilling operations at a property in the Caborca Gold Belt in the state of Sonora.

The company announced their inaugural drill program at a “never-before drilled” Sonora Gold property The program, according to the company, is composed of 80 drill holes in strategic locations, mainly aiming at highly-mineralized structures in the Caracahui and Caracahui North, Sonora Copper, La Salada, and Antenas areas. The company is planning on a phased approach for drilling in order to maximize the value of data collected.

Following detailed mapping and “very encouraging” surface sample results, the 80 holes were chosen for their promising features. . These drill targets were chosen and prioritized given their high gold values and accessibility with minimal road infrastructure. Those areas with the best results from sampling will be first in the drilling program, which plans on having four different holes with 200m of depth per exploration area in each of the chosen areas.

An estimated 3200m of diamond drilling will get done upon completion of the first phase. The second phase will see an additional four holes drilled in each of the exploration areas, targeting those with the “most prospective geochemistry.” Furthermore, a 1000m exploration hole will be drilled in Caracahui to analyze a “large geophysical magnetic anomaly,” to explore the sources of mineralization, and also to confirm the company’s mineralization model.

Benjamin Hill Mining Corp. grants itself the title of “Mexico’s next gold exploration success story,” and their Sonora Gold property consists of about 6,400 hectares of untested grounds, all within the heart of the state’s mining industry, about 150km north of Hermosillo, Sonora’s foremost mining city. The Mojave fault, on which the property stands, serves as a geological advantage for the project, mainly due to its scattered gold and silver deposits. Historically, the region is known for having been the center of operations of renowned mines such as La Herradura, Soledad Dipolos, and Noche Buena.

The company’s operations in Sonora are yet another example of the state’s firm mining industry and a sign of recovery for the local economy. As reported by MBN, in 2020, Sonora positioned itself as the leading producer of gold in the country, with 29.8 percent of the national value. Moreover, the Mexican Geological Service has recently announced its discovery of 14 new lithium deposits in the state, adding to the booming demand for the mineral in the global market given its crucial role in the manufacturing of technology like batteries and computers. Alfonso Durazo, the state’s governor-elect, has pledged to give the mining industry priority during his administration, while also highlighting his intentions to exploit the deposits according to the national strategy announced in 2019 by the federal government under President López Obrador.

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