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German Equipment to Improve Mining Processes

By Paloma Duran | Mon, 06/07/2021 - 15:35

Q: What is SIEBTECHNIK’s experience in the mining industry?

FH: We are a German organization that manufactures equipment for the mining and chemical industry, mainly in Germany. We are part of a group of companies with a solid installed base in Mexico, as well as in other parts of the world. This has allowed us to obtain a great deal of international experience. I believe that Mexico is a country with a great deal of potential, not only in the mining industry but also in the chemical industry.

Q: What are the main added values that operators get from SIEBTECHNIK machinery?

FH: SIEBTECHNIK is a reliable option, since we are a small organization that is dedicated to our clients. We are opening an office in Mexico to have a broader presence in the country. Our greatest added value is the quality of our equipment; we mainly sell equipment from companies inside of our group. We manufacture and offer the industry a wide range of equipment.

SA: Another differentiator is the durability of our products. We value the long-term sustainability of equipment, which allows processes to be carried out without need for constant changes or repairs.

Q: What solutions does SIEBTECHNIK offer regarding liquid separation and what is the advantage of these solutions?

FH: We produce all kinds of separation equipment; our motto is separation and bind. Now, we are working on the separation of liquids. For liquid-solid, we offer machinery such as centrifuges used with e.g. copper sulfate, salts etc. For solid-solid separation, we basically separate the different particle sizes via screening machines.

The mining industry can separate all kinds of minerals using our screening machines. We not only offer conventional screens but also a special type of screen for difficult materials. This is where we have differentiated ourselves. We are also producing a jig, which is a density-based separation method.

Q: Why should mining operators choose Automatic Screening and Strength Testing System (ASST) over non-automatic solutions or even other automatic systems?

FH: The ASST makes it possible to get a re-producible and non-biased samples and will eliminate mistakes. We offer a broad range of equipment. We prefer to have separate solutions for different customers, and we manufacture our equipment based on the specifications we receive from customers. If a customer comes to us with a specific problem, we look for the best solution. We have also automatic sampling systems in our product line for the mining industry, together with our screening machines, centrifuges and jigs, which are the most important pieces of equipment.

Q: Why should miners consider SIEBTECHNIK for machinery repairs?

FH: We are based in Germany and that is exactly the reason why we are working on opening an office in Mexico: to grow along with our clients. We  have a service organization that has a great deal of experience in maintaining our equipment in Monterrey.

SA: By opening an office in Mexico City, we want to assure our clients that technical services will be provided and, more importantly, that we are listening to their concerns, and accompanying them through the entire process. This is why it is so important to have an office in Mexico, so that we can adapt better solutions and cater to their needs.

Q: How is SIEBTECHNIK helping customers with maintenance and the delivering of equipment?

FH: We are an experienced organization that is over 90 years old. Our objective in the mining industry is to build reliable equipment, especially since maintenance can sometimes be difficult to perform. Our customers are often doing their own maintenance but if there is a bigger problem, they know that we are always open and available to resolve that problem.

Q: How do you encourage preventive services among your clients?

FH: Preventive services are the best solution for maintenance. We supply contracts that include regular and preventive maintenance. We also have very precise manuals that detail what maintenance is required. These manuals can be provided in Spanish. Although we are an international German company, the documentation will be in your local language.

Q: What opportunities has the company identified in the Mexican market?

FH: What we see are solid opportunities in the coal and lithium and chemical industry.

SA: We believe that there is a very strong market for salt. It is another market in which we are interested in Mexico and we think that we have a very good opportunity to achieve a stronger position in that segment.

SIEBTECHNIK GmbH is based in Ruhr, Germany, and specializes in products for the processing of bulk materials and solid-liquid separation.



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