Suspension Lifted at San Francisco Mine After Inspections
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Suspension Lifted at San Francisco Mine After Inspections

Photo by:   Magna Gold
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Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/23/2022 - 13:39

Magna Gold announced that after several inspections at its San Francisco mine in Sonora, the suspension of the crushing and laboratory areas has been lifted. The suspension stemmed from a collapse, where three employees lost their lives in an accident Magna Gold expressed its commitment to the families of the victims and employees, as well as committing to improving the safety of its operations.

Magna Gold reported it has followed up on the observations of the State Coordination of Civil Protection through its Extraordinary Action Plan to guarantee greater safety for its workers and avoid accidents in the future. Due to these improvements and the measures implemented, the mine was considered safe during the second inspection carried out by the authorities, announcing that all activities could resume. 

Magna Gold assured it will not spare any type of supervision and will provide better training to its employees. In addition, the company will strengthen programs such as the Health and Safety Self-Management Program and the Internal Civil Protection Program, which seek to enforce the timely detection of risks. The company stressed it has completed its administrative process to revalidate its 2022 Civil Protection Program, which was improved after the accident to comply with the observations issued by the authorities.

Likewise, Magna Gold reported it maintains close contact with the families of the victims to provide them with all the necessary support. Additionally, Magna Gold is offering  counseling and support to any employee in need. “For Magna Gold, the safety of its workers is and will be the highest priority in its operations; as well as the generation of economic, environmental and social development in its mining community,” reported the company. Magna Gold has said it would cooperate with authorities so the mine could continue to operate, especially as it supports more than 800 families.

On Feb. 15, David Márquez, Leonel Ozuna and Roberto Corrales were in the fine ore storage area when a cave-in occurred and lost their lives. The cause of the collapse was unclear, for which an investigation was launched to determine the causes of the accident. Until the day of the accident, the mine which began operations in 2009 had operated 12 years without any loss of human lives and had reached four million hours without any injuries.

Photo by:   Magna Gold

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