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A 360-Degree Approach to Risk Management

By Pedro Alcalá | Fri, 10/01/2021 - 10:12

COVID-19 was an unfortunate reminder that safety regulations and requirements can change in extremely compressed time frames, especially when a unique situation challenges the existing applicability of safety protocols. Some public authorities had previous training to rely on when it came to the pandemic but, in general, many new lessons had to be learned rather quickly if companies were to prioritize operational continuity. 

Operators in high-risk industries like oil and gas, in particular, had even more safety concerns to worry about than ever before. The last 18 months demonstrated that companies need to be serious and methodical in protecting their business when it comes to a life-changing event, such as the pandemic. To help keep these concerns in check, operators turned to companies like RelyOn Nutec, which proved to be a comprehensive safety partner throughout the crisis.

RelyOn Nutec offers a variety of services under its “safety management services” umbrella, which covers not only regulatory compliance management but also training, testing and consulting services, giving its clients the opportunity to anticipate new requirements by anticipating new risks. This is achieved through their 360-degree approach to risk awareness and management.

The 360-Degree Framework

RelyOn Nutec identifies eight kinds of safety risks in the industry as part of its 360-degree model:

  1. Risks created by recurring processes and work routines.

  2. Risks created by national, local or site-specific attitudes and cultures.

  3. Risks created by the surrounding natural or urban environment.

  4. Risks created by the state of equipment and assets (choice, maintenance, integrity, etc.).

  5. Risks created by a lack of knowledge or skills among workers.

  6. Risks created by a lack of knowledge or skills among managers.   

  7. Risks created by other companies involved in the project or site in question.

  8. Risks created by random errors or completely unforeseen circumstances.

For high-risk industries that are capital-intensive like oil and gas, operators will find an indispensable partner in RelyOn Nutec, which can help find ways to address risks with the least possible disruption to operations. 

A Portfolio of Expertise 

RelyOn Nutec’s core expertise, and that of its parent company Polaris, focuses on four industries: hydrocarbons, maritime, renewable energy and the industrial sector. It has over 30 training centers in more than 18 countries. A safety partner must also adapt to the logistical needs of its clients, which is why RelyOn Nutec has experience offering its training services through traditional modalities as well as through outsourced “training management” modalities that include online courses, along with on-site training, crisis management training and consulting services. 

Over 20 years of safety experience has given RelyOn Nutec a unique value and position in the oil and gas industry. Worksite safety is the company’s top priority.

Pedro Alcalá Pedro Alcalá Journalist and Industry Analyst