Jorge Guerra
Director General of Mexico, Andean and Central America
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Essential Electrics, Safe and Secure

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 20:15

Q: What is AUMA’s focus in Mexico’s oil and gas industry and how does it differentiate itself from competitors?

A: AUMA’s origins are outside the oil and gas world but given the variety of electrical actuators and reducers that we manufacture, we have been able to position ourselves in this industry. However, it has been difficult to penetrate the North American region given the influence of the US oil and gas majors here. We have had greater success in South America and in other markets, such as Russia and the Middle East, where our foothold is much stronger. In Mexico, our market niche focuses on the petrochemical segment.

Q: What makes the company’s equipment the most suitable for refinery applications?

A: When developing projects as complicated as a refinery, one product can make a complete difference. For refinery process, companies need to be certain of the product’s reliability when it is working in tandem with other groups of products. In this sense, price is not the fundamental factor that defines the purchase. Our equipment is reliable and aligned to the best international practices and standards. Another important aspect is safety. Operators work under very high levels of temperature and pressure. AUMA’s actuators perform well in these conditions, providing protection for both the technology and the operator. We are in contact with the engineering firms that will develop the Dos Bocas refinery. Unfortunately, actuators are not the first element that contractors think about when designing a facility of this nature. Usually, it is a forgotten element until an automatic valve enters into the conversation. We are approaching these firms by demonstrating that our actuators have the flexibility to be integrated into various systems. If an actuator does not respond during operations, the entire refinery can shut down.