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Braskem-Idesa Contract Canceled / Budget Without Bribes

By Ricardo Guzman | Fri, 11/13/2020 - 10:59

Braskem-Idesa contract canceled. Because his administration won’t be “accomplices to corruption,” the contract signed by PEMEX with Braskem-Idesa to refuel the Etileno XXI plant will be canceled, President López Obrador said. “We are not going to keep a relationship of corruption, since those are leonine contracts from the government of Felipe Calderón,” he said. The president noted that yesterday, PEMEX head Octavio Romero told him that payments to the consortium had stopped, after the company, an Odebrecht subsidiary, refused to reach a new agreement on gas supply. “They don’t want any arrangement and will have to cancel the contract. They are no longer going to be supplied with gas,” he stressed.

Celebrates budget without corruption. President López Obrador praised Morena legislators for gaining approval of the 2021 Budget, but without giving bribes to legislators, which he said was the case in former President Felipe Calderón’s administration, adding that Minister of Finance (SHCP) Agustín Carstens gave away money (or moches) to ensure the budget would be approved unanimously. “For three consecutive years, he took away the budget unanimously, all representatives approved it. Everything was negotiated because they distributed moches to everyone.  Negotiations were made with the political parties’ coordinators, they were given a lot of funds,” López Obrador said. He went on to say that instead of looking for well-being and development, the Calderón administration was a facilitator of corruption.

Ask judges to decide on Lozoya. President López Obrador asked judges to decide whether former PEMEX head Emilio Lozoya is guilty in the Odebrecht affair, but said this not about political revenge. “Let the law be applied rigorously, with scruples, so that crimes are not fabricated and that at the same time there is no impunity,” he said about the ongoing investigation into Lozoya, who allegedly is framing former Minister of Finance Luis Videgaray and former President Enrique Peña Nieto in the massive looting scheme against the national oil company. The president noted that despite the alleged use of bribes to attack him, the law does not allow political revenge. “Now they are saying that funds were used to carry out a campaign against me. These are new facts. It is an extension of Mr. Lozoya’s statement and the prosecution must decide,” he said.

Compensation for relatives of deceased. Relatives of Pasta de Conchos miners and those who lost a dear one during the COVID-19 pandemic will receive compensation, President López Obrador said. “We are catching up and next week we will also deliver the support we offered to relatives of those who have lost their lives due to COVID-19. It is a direct support for the family,” he noted and explained that the amount is being discussed. The federal government is undertaking an effort to recover the bodies of 65 miners after the 2006 accident in Coahuila.

AMLO thankful for serenade. President López Obrador thanked those who participated in the today’s serenade at the National Palace to celebrate his 67th birthday. “A hug, my love and as I said yesterday: just as they love me, I love them back and even a little more,” he said. The president noted that, just as he said yesterday, he didn’t gather with the group of about 50 people who, joined by mariachi bands and trova singers, sang the traditional Las Mañanitas to the president.


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