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Providing 24/7 Support for Taxes and Electronic Documents

By Jan Hogewoning | Mon, 11/23/2020 - 17:11

Q: How can digital tools support clients in fulfilling their tax obligations?

A: We provide 24/7 tax support to companies but also contribute to all processes and documents that are generated along the supply chain. All this was born more than 15 years ago, driven by the electronic invoice, which began to speed up the exchange of information between companies. As a result, it was no longer just a question of being able to create or deliver an invoice but also the exchange of electronic documents between suppliers and customers. This is how Pegaso Tecnología came to be. We can now issue electronic invoices in all their forms, whether massively, by e-mail or through invoicing portals. 

We also offer a reception model and a universal letterbox. The first provides the tools to facilitate the interaction of our clients with their suppliers by validating instructions or business requirements that are not part of the fiscal model. For example, if a customer has a scheduled discount from a supplier, we find the discount on the invoice to validate it. On the other hand, the universal letterbox model offers a service that encompasses our client’s entire supplier base to register and receive notifications. This means the client can send purchase orders, receipt notices and invoices. We do the validation and make sure that suppliers are informed of the updated information. 

Pegaso Tecnología is a platform that connects our clients with their suppliers. We have more than 30,000 suppliers registered with a very large client base that today generates millions of documents per month. The goal is to ensure that all the elements are in place for the company to pay its invoices and that it has a mechanism for suppliers to complete an electronic exchange. Pegaso will always be the first contact between a supplier that sends invoices or any other document to its client. This saves time and costs for our customers. 


Q: What is the service that your customers demand the most?

A: One of the services that we offer and that is increasingly requested and relevant is the tax warehouse. All the information on suppliers and invoices issued is kept by the Tax Administration Service (SAT). If someone issues an invoice there is a copy there. Companies need to know in which state their tax information resides within SAT. If a supplier, for example, issues you an invoice and you do not know it, SAT does know it and may question you about inventories that you may not have reported. This can happen because of duplicated invoices, lack of communication or simple mistakes. As a company, it is essential to be aware of all the information that SAT has on you. Hence, we review the flows of incoming and outgoing tax receipts and compare them with what SAT has. Pegaso has the ability to access all of this information to alert companies if there are any irregularities and to avoid any misunderstandings. This is linked to the electronic accounting service that we also offer, in which we generate electronic documents to report accounting movements to SAT.


Q: How does Pegasus 360 certified email benefit clients?

A: This is a solution that allows customers to securely close contracts with an e-signature. It allows companies to have an e-mail that follows up and leaves a record of any procedure with a client or supplier. This service also alerts customers of any deadlines and provides full legal validity to any contract signed.


Q: How does your partnership with Microsoft Azure contribute to cloud integration?

A: We are a partner in the management of Microsoft Azure's services. We can increase our installed capacity in minutes to be able to satisfy any client requirement with flexibility, security and a fast response. We have clients with atypical payment cycles and this partnership allows us to increase capacity quickly if we anticipate a large transaction load. 


Q: How does your previous public sector experience benefit clients?

A: Prior to founding Pegaso, many of us were lucky enough to have worked at the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP). While there, we were able to see the other side of the coin. Now, our know-how makes life easier for taxpayers. Our knowledge of the tax world helps us understand the changes, updates and expectations that SAT has. Once you have worked within the tax system, you understand the reasoning of the authorities. Often, companies do not get why there are certain changes; we make these changes both easier to understand and transparent.


Q: From a legal perspective, how useful are digital signatures today for agreements in the private sector?

A: Many countries have made considerable progress on this issue and for the past 15 years, we have seen significant regulatory changes. From a fiscal point of view, Mexico is already among the countries with the largest number of electronic signatures in the world. We have set an example both in Latin America and at the global level on the use of electronic tax exchange mechanisms. Currently, few countries are at the same level as Mexico in this area.

Regarding the use of electronic signatures, Mexico has also made great progress. We have had an e-signature law in place for several years that encourages its use. I believe that the use of electronic signatures has not become more widespread because of the lack of an adoption model and not because of the lack of a regulatory framework. This year has undoubtedly been a turning point for the adoption of this type of electronic mechanism. 



Pegaso Tecnología supports companies in implementing a range of IT tools. The company is a pioneer in electronic signatures, electronic invoicing and interoperability systems


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