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Standing Out With Customized Sanitizing Solutions

By Andrea Villar | Fri, 01/29/2021 - 05:00

Q: What solutions does SAS Group offer to the Mexican market?

BN: We offer customized sanitizing solutions. Our belief is that the most important factor for companies is adapting to the situation we are experiencing. When José and I started this business, the main objective was to help make this economic and health crisis more bearable for companies. Once we established partnerships with key players in the market, we were able to develop a product that fully met the client's expectations with a complete aftersales service. Having key suppliers of steel, acrylics and other raw materials, SAS offers a wide range of solutions. We adapt to the needs of each client so their products are totally personalized.

JE: Looking at other companies in the market and their weaknesses gave us the ideal opening to enter the market. The industries in which we have participated are completely satisfied with our products and service. We are committed to meeting every customer need with a durable and affordable product. 

Q: What are the main challenges of customizing these solutions for each client?

JE: It is necessary to carefully examine the problems of each client, to listen to them and accompany them throughout the process. The client needs to have a complete picture of what the process is like and what is functional and what is not. Sometimes companies design products that only meet the customer's economic expectations but are not functional and do not solve the problems. 

Q: What are SAS’ added values in an increasingly competitive field?

BN: Sometimes, not even the client knows what they need. We distinguish ourselves through innovation. We anticipate the product our customers will need, meaning that there are times when we prevent the problems that may arise in each case. All our key partners allow us to try out new things to offer innovation to our customers.

Before the pandemic, we had a consulting firm focused on SME development, from business proposition to company design. We gave clients all the necessary tools to reduce their failure rate. When the health crisis started, we had to change our business model. However, we have kept and adhered to those same values. 

JE: Aftersales service is also something we take very seriously. It is not just about selling a product but following up to see that the customer is getting the maximum benefit from it. Moreover, as we are the manufacturers of these products, we can adapt to any budget.

Q: In which industries do you participate and which are you targeting?

BN: We have had the opportunity to work with two medical laboratories and the National System for Integral Family Development (DIF). We are looking to move into the education sector. Once students return to schools, the sanitizing centers that we offer will be a must-have.

Q: How do your sanitizing centers work and what has been the experience of your customers with this product?

JE: The first step when selling a sanitizing center is to customize the design according to the customer's brand. As for the manufacturing of the product, most of the processes are automated. These characteristics allow us to offer companies a durable product that also fully represents their brand through design. The structure of the sanitizing center has a thermometer and an antibacterial gel dispenser. The thermometer is placed on top of the center for greater efficiency. Today, a person’s temperature usually is taken at the wrist and that is not useful. 

We have also included QR codes in these sanitizing centers to monitor people visiting a certain location. This process is key for companies to be able to contact those who might be at risk of infection. 

Q: What products are you looking to introduce to the market in the short or medium term?

BN: We want to focus on long-distance passenger transport.

JE: We are in talks with an Israeli company that develops nanotechnology to create a fabric that repels contaminants from bus seats, for example.

Andrea Villar Andrea Villar Journalist and Industry Analyst