José Ruiz
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José Ruíz
Partner for Supply Chain Operations
Learn more about KPMG’s perspective on the adaptability of supply chains amid the pandemic and the impact of sustainability and digitalization trends.
Weekly Roundups
AEM will collaborate with Roscosmos following the space cooperation agreement between Mexico and Russia. This and more in your weekly roundup!
News Article
The aerospace giant wants to improve communications provided by 5G technology
News Article
Big Data Centers are a new tool that Real Estate developers could rely to determine their projects’ success.
Qualcomm - Ricardo Anaya
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Ricardo Anaya
Staff Product Manager México
The deployment of 5G technology in Mexico seems closer every year, bringing great expectations for the connectivity of the automotive industry.
Weekly Roundups
AIFA is eight months away from its inauguration, despite the information necessary to plan operations from this new terminal being unavailable.
Toyota Autonomous Vehicles
News Article
Woven Planet, a subsidiary of Toyota, announced the acquisition of several technologies for autonomous vehicles.
The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
This week's highlights include heavy vehicle market sales, Mitsubishi and tax incentives. This is the week in automotive!
Wearables - 5G Qualcomm
How is Mexico advancing in the deployment of 5G networks and what current industrial applications are being explored?
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