Álvaro Vertiz, COO, BlackRock Mexico
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Álvaro Vertiz
BlackRock Mexico
There is a taboo regarding finance but every day that people are not investing, they are losing money, says Álvaro Vertiz.
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INEGI presented results for the Mexican economy via its IGAE, with signs of a clear slow down.
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The decentralized organization analyzed which Afores had the most complaints and the highest returns.
Construction site
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According to Grupo Banorte, AFOREs are venturing in areas like infrastructure and energy, nonetheless, there are some challenges to face.
mexico city
Weekly Roundups
2020 was the worst year for the Mexican labor market on record. The crisis generated by the pandemic eliminated 647,710 formal jobs
broken piggy bank, piggy bank, savings
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MORENA proposed that Mexicans who lose their jobs should be able to access their retirement savings. However, the IDB warned about this solution
Bernardo González, President of AMAFORE
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Bernardo González
Mexico changed its pension scheme in 1997, but the change was not ideal, says the AMAFORE
Blue Houses
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The real state sector keeps growing despite Mexico’s economic deceleration. Check out our weekly roundup!
Paul Doulton
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Paul Doulton
Founder & Managing Partner
Oriundo is a consultancy composed of former CEOs that helps new entrants to Latin American pharmaceutical markets.
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