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The US will send COVID-19 vaccines to Mexico and PAHO said the country has registered a stabilization in the number of infections.
ALFONSO BONILLAS IT Solutions, Partner Centric Mining Systems México
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Alfonso Bonillas
Alio IT Solutions, Partner Centric Mining Systems Mexico
Alfonso Bonillas explains how data enhances mining operations.
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African swine fever is becoming more serious and there is no hint of a short or medium-term solution.
Global Decrease of COVID-19 New Cases and Deaths
Weekly Roundups
After months of registering new cases of COVID-19, the world has finally seen a reduction in contagion figures.
Cargo Exports
Weekly Roundups
FEMIA estimates a 30 percent drop in exports derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, contrary to growth forecasts prior to the arrival of the pandemic.
second covid-19 wave
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Are countries seeing a second contagion wave as things go back to normal?
Weekly Roundups
As we approach Phase 3 of contagion, more serious protocols and plans are starting to emerge
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COVID-19 is wreaking havoc throughout first world countries, but how are poor countries dealing with this pandemic?
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Pfizer, Novartis and Roche are among the list of pharmaceuticals actively searching for a possible treatment to end the COVID-19 pandemic
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