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IATA urged governments to follow WHO protocols and encouraged opening borders.
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During its annual general meeting, IATA will search to build upon the industry’s resilience.
Raúl Morales Escalante, President of the Mexican Geohydrological Association (ACMX)
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Raúl Morales
Mexican Geohydrological Association (AGMX)
Agriculture is a vital economic sector due to its economic spillover and the food it provides. However, it faces an ecological challenge.
Magaly Flores
View from the Top
Magaly Flores
Former President
Mexican Geothermal Association (AGM)
Due to high risk involved at the initial stages of developing geothermal energy resources, the government has focused more on solar and wind energy
Luis Carlos Gutiérrez
Luis Carlos Gutiérrez
Mexican Geothermal Association
The Los Azufres II project in 2003 marked the last new installed geothermal capacity in Mexico
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