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Weekly Roundups
Mining production returns to pre-pandemic levels, plans for a lithium battery plant and First Majestic’s ESG report are among this week’s top stories.
Weekly Roundups
Dig into the week’s mining news, including a fatal accident in Southeast Asia and Mexico’s Supreme Court pushing a reform to the Mining Law.
Gold coin, Aureus, Auguste, Lyon
News Article
If there is a bright side to the current health contingency, Mexican gold miners may find it in sustained, long-term high prices.
In 1H19 the 10 largest mines produced 964,419 oz of gold
Mexico is among the world’s gold champions. Even when Mexican gold production fell 6.7 percent in 2018 with respect to the previous year.
Ramón Pérez
Ramón Pérez
President and Director
Candelaria Mining
“We would like to see a landscape where the country improves on some of the concerns with respect to security and corruption we see today”
Gregory Beischer
Gregory Beischer
Millrock Resources
“Our approach is to identify geological targets that would make a difference to the bottom line”
San Dimas mine, Durango
Gold sailed into 2018 on the coattails of a 12 percent yearly price increase on the previous year, the strongest gain since 2010.
Álvaro Burgos
View from the Top
Álvaro Burgos
Minister of Economy
State of Guerrero
Álvaro Burgos has prioritized the mining industry in the state, taking advantage of its great potential and resources during his time.
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